Escape Room Adventure: A fun Birthday Party Idea for Kids 


If you are bored of spending your kid’s birthday the same old way, we have got the perfect place for you. Escape room birthday parties are the hottest trend in town! Suppose you are looking for the birthday places in Bangalore, then check out the breakout escape room, which has an adventure activity where a team of players gets locked inside a room with a mission to escape from there within a given time.They must solve a bunch of riddles and puzzles to get the final lock code. Although the primary goal is to break out of the room, the players will also have to attempt some tasks relevant to the room scenario. 

Escape Room Adventure: A fun Birthday Party Idea for Kids 

If you have visited an escape room before, you would know how fun these places are. Escape rooms are not only a great choice for a recreational outing, but they are also a hot spot for birthday parties. The excitement from solving puzzles with your friends on your birthday is different altogether. 

Since birthdays are a special occasion for the kids, it is only natural they would want the best of everything. But the food, décor, location, and other such thoughts plague us before planning a birthday. This is where escape/breakout rooms come in. These places provide a perfect solution to all your worries. 

Reasons Why Escape Rooms are Perfect for Your Kid’s Birthday Party 

Provides a challenge 

Escape room games provide the players with a lot of valuable life lessons. The players will have to team up and communicate with each other well. They will learn to work without selfish desires. The important factor of an escape room game is solving the puzzles. They will have to accomplish this within an hour. This is a challenging exercise. It will require them to use their critical and cognitive thinking skills. 

But the playful nature of the game will prevent them from feeling the burden of a serious situation. The adventurous scenarios will encourage them to act fast and solve the riddles together. After escaping the room, the satisfaction they will get will be a great gift in itself.  

A space to live out their fantasies 

Children have the greatest power of imagination. We have all been attracted to elements of fantasy and the supernatural while we were young. The escape room games are based on set scenarios. The storylines are often based on movies, video games, and books. Many of them fall under genres like supernatural, science fiction, and historical. Escape rooms provide a space for kids to live out their fantasies. 

They can be anyone- from Detective Conan to Batman to The Count Dracula. The different themes of the escape room games will engage their imagination. Whether they dream of saving the world or catching a serial killer in their lair, they will have all of it right in an escape room. The storylines are meant to excite and immerse the players, and that is particularly effective when it comes to children.  

An exciting day with loved ones 

The essential part of a birthday party is spending the day with your loved ones. Whatever you end up doing that day, it will all seem enjoyable if you are with the people you love. However, it’s challenging today to spend quality time with your loved ones at once.  Birthdays are a perfect occasion to get everyone on the same spot. 

Now, escape room games are meant to be played with a team. Since this is a group activity, it will include all your guests. You can lock in every one of your favorite people together in a room for an hour with an escape room game. The games are designed in a way that it will be easy to immerse yourself, even if you are a newbie player. Escape room games ensure that no one is left out and everyone has fun while figuring out the lock code. These games are indeed adventurous, and even when the puzzles may seem difficult, you will be successful with the help of your team.  

A safe space 

The world is not a safe space, but children are curious by nature.  An escape room will be a perfect way for them to taste freedom and feel the essence of real life. As a parent, it is wise to restrict their access to certain concepts and shelter them from the harsh realities of life. But this, in turn, will make the children more curious. 

Escape room games, with their exciting and immersive, provide a safe space for children to act like an adult. They will be truly independent with the safety net of an escape room. Albeit it will only be for an hour.  


Realistically, the cost of throwing a birthday party will also be on your mind. You will wish to give your child the best birthday party ever with everything they wish for. But that is not possible. Escape rooms are perfect in this regard. They are fun, exciting, and adventurous. They attract young and old alike. The escape rooms will ensure that your child has a good birthday but with a less expensive location and reduce the cost of décor and food. Although you will be budgeting in your mind, it will not take away the fun of your kid’s birthday.  

In a nutshell 

Escape room games are the newest game in town. These game rooms are relatively new, and they are fast gaining ground as fun recreational games. These games are appropriate for all ages. We gain a lot of valuable life lessons while playing these themed escape room games. These games will amuse your kids and provide them with a healthy outlet for their imagination. Most game rooms these days specialize in birthday celebrations as well, so you can let them handle the planning as well. 

Some added perks with the special birthday bookings will include décor, snacks, or even a cake, depending on which escape room you choose. Escape room parties are a fun and novel birthday destination that will surely make your kids happy. So, why wait? Book an escape room near you before your kid’s birthday!