Education Tips to Keep Your Healthcare Business Up to Date


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Building up your medical practice will take a great deal of effort. You need qualified people on your team who specialize in their skillset as much as you do yours. All of them need to invest in continuing education, both to grow as a person and to contribute to the whole team.

Learn To Write

Legislation around the healthcare industry is always changing. If you have an employee with strong written communication skills, put them to work reviewing healthcare legislation changes and block out time for them to train to create a newsletter. If you are a principal caregiver in a pediatrics practice, you don’t need to wade through a lot of information about Medicare changes.

With an employee who has strong synthesizing skills, you can enjoy an email newsletter that includes a short blurb on important information that isn’t applicable to your practice and a direct link to the information you need to study thoroughly. You can also issue this in a simplified format to your client base, both to keep them up to date on any changes your office is facing and for them to forward for folks looking for your care specialty.

Study From Home

The science of medicine is endlessly expanding. If you are currently reviewing the most efficient way to fulfill your Maintenance of Certification Assessment for Pediatrics or MOCA Peds requirements up to date, the MOCA Peds study guide would be a great investment.

Studying at the office is seldom a good option. Even if you can get the time, it’s hard to find the mental space to absorb what it is that you need to learn. If your home life is very busy and full, you may need to just work back from the deadline and take a small break from regular life to put in the time to review your materials and plan for your test.

For example, you may want to book a room in a shared office or even visit a hotel. Room service and a hotel stay aren’t cheap, but not doing well on the test could be much more costly. A single room in a vacation rental can also be a great way to step back from the real world and study exclusively.

Boost Your IT Security

If you as a caregiver professional are monitoring a particular condition or issue, such as skin lesion, photos can help you track the progress. Your tracking software matters just as much as the image quality, especially if you are storing images of children on your office software.

Do hire an IT professional to help you protect your

  • portal access
  • billing data
  • client information

Make sure you also notify your clients of any upload requirements if they are trying to log in through Teladoc or other online services. Maintaining the privacy of your patients as well as their insurance and financial information is critical to keeping your reputation as a credible practitioner high.

Know Your Limits

Healthcare professionals are very smart folks. However, not everyone is good at everyday communication. If you’ve been told to work on your communication skills or build up that bedside manner, it may be a good idea to join a Toastmasters club.

In Toastmasters, you can learn to speak extemporaneously and to give speeches. However, you also learn how to

  • greet people warmly
  • listen
  • give both positive tips and options for improving as an evaluator

In just an hour a day, you can dig into the act of listening and engaging. You’re not listening to interrupt or to respond; if you’re not at the podium or standing, you’re not speaking. It may be frustrating at the start if you are a driven conversationalist who needs to get to the point and walk away. However, you can work on posture, facial expressions and active listening at a Toastmasters meeting.


Everyone in your practice needs to set and meet training goals. These may be imposed from outside, such as board certifications, or chosen by pressure from within, such as new software training for the switchboard. Make sure that your budget includes both funds for the training and time for study and practice.

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