Digital Inkjet Printer by Colorjet


Among the different features available in a Digital Inkjet Printer by Colorjet is its ability to print monochrome images. The company offers two different sets of inks, called monochrome and full color, and both provide the same range of tones. Changing from one type of ink set to another requires flushing the print head with a cleaning cartridge. Specialized software may also be needed to cope with the different color mapping.

Thermojet technology

Thermojet technology is a type of inkjet printhead that uses a piezoelectric printhead to spray paraffin-based thermopolymer on a solid surface. The process consists of spraying the solid mass layer by layer onto a platform and building up from there. This process is also known as stereolithography and is an excellent option for prototyping and modeling.

Thermojet technology is used in most consumer-grade inkjet printers. This process was developed by two groups at approximately the same time. Hewlett-Packard engineers John Vaught and Ichiro Endo collaborated to develop the technology. Endo’s team had been working on a method to move ink with the help of a piezoelectric effect, but they accidentally heated the syringe and saw the ink shooting out.

Colorjet digital inkjet printers by Colorjet use supplemental air-suction pumps to deliver ink from severely clogged cartridges. A page feed stepper motor drives the pump. The pump engages only when the shaft turns backward. The pump also primes the ink channels. In contrast to the earlier method, this method has been around for several decades.

Digital inkjet printers by Colorjet use a unique type of ink: Thermojet ink. Its specialized printing process produces prints with a high-quality, archival finish. Both printer types can be used in a variety of applications. Most artists prefer giclee prints and use a specialized type of inkjet printer.

Consumer inkjet printers by Colorjet feature a wide-format print option. In addition to their photographic quality, Colorjet printers also offer excellent cost-effectiveness. Many consumers are able to print photographic-quality images with this technology, but they must be aware of the limitations. Luckily, colorjet inkjet printers by Colorjet can be used to produce high-quality graphics in less time than traditional printers.


The NEPTUNE PLUS is a roll-to-roll solvent printer with an impressive 3.2-metre-long print head. Its four-color system produces high-quality prints even at short observation distances. The dual-ink tank system enables you to print in either CMYK or RGB colors. Its three-stage adjustable media temperature heater is a great feature for large-scale flex printing.

The NEPTUNE PLUS has many advantages over its predecessor. Its body is based on the Neptune with a few added features. It is a reliable, classy, and affordable option that has gained the trust of all users. This machine is likely to be ColorJet’s next signature flagship product, with its outstanding performance, quality output, and fast production speeds. Moreover, it comes with a competitive price tag, making it a great choice for entry-level businesses.

The Neptune Plus is an ideal machine for outdoor advertising and graphics production. Its speedy performance and high-quality printing make it the ideal solution for sign shops and commercial printers. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent choice for corporate in-house production. You can print on outdoor banners, flex, glow sign boards, and floor standsees, and even vehicle wraps.

The NEPTUNE PLUS is Colorjet’s latest offering. It uses high-quality materials, is easy to use, and is perfect for all kinds of events. It is affordable and modernized the printing process, allowing businesses to make a profit while saving time. Colorjet’s Neptune Plus is a perfect choice for any business looking to increase its sales. It has been a huge success in the business world.

Vulcan RTR

The 3.2m-wide UV roll-to-roll Vulcan RTR digital inkjet printing machine by Colorjet India is designed to produce high-quality, high-speed printouts on a variety of substrates. Its advanced UV printing head technology and UV curing system allow it to print on a variety of opaque and transparent media, ensuring a smooth transition from one layer to the next. And thanks to its variable-pressure vacuum bed, the Vulcan RTR is capable of printing on flexible media, including vinyl, PET, and backlit fabric.

This 3.2 m UV Roll-to-Roll printer by Colorjet features the latest V8 technology, combining superior print quality, smart memory utilisation, and speedy communication to ensure outstanding print quality. The V8 technology, which enables fast communication and multitasking, also enhances the printer’s productivity. In addition to its superior printing quality, the Vulcan features an integrated UV curing system, which helps it produce sharp, crisp images.

Quality Print Services, an industry-leading wide-format printing company, has become the exclusive UK distributor of ColorJet. The manufacturer of high-quality digital textile, UV, signage, and textile printers, ColorJet will offer a variety of models through QPS. Its entry-level Verve LED, Hybrid roll-to-roll, and Vulcan RTR digital inkjet printers are priced from around PS30,000. The SoftJet Plus, meanwhile, is an affordable 2.5-metre wide option. Its 3.2-metre wide sibling, the Vulcan RTR, is also priced under PS30,000.

The Vulcan RTR is equipped with advanced technology, including 4 layer printing. This technique adds a layer of black to the surface of the print and produces a visible change in the design. The Vulcan 3201 can even print raised embossed effects on wallpaper with backlit LED lights. The Vulcan RTR is a reliable business partner and an exceptional machine. Its four-color printing system enables it to be used in a variety of industries.

SoftJet Plus

SoftJet Plus is a 2.5-metre and 3.2-metre wide digital inkjet printer from Colorjet, the largest manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers in India. It uses environment-friendly aqueous inks for printing on polyester based fabric, opening the door to customized decorative fabrics. It uses a pneumatic tension bar for consistent fabric tension, which the printer automatically adjusts according to the type of fabric used.

The SoftJet Grand features four-colour printing with 3 dot types. It delivers vivid colours and sharp images for fabric display graphics. It has an ultra-high resolution of up to 1,440 DPI and an individual head purging system. The colorjet printer also has an in-house R&D team that has developed advanced intelligent design and automation features. Its unique capabilities make it a perfect choice for commercial and home use.


The Vastrajet K2 is a high-speed, digital textile printer, with 32 Konica Minolta print heads, capable of printing 5000 square meters per day. Its improved features and high productivity make it an ideal choice for fabric processing mills, garment export houses, and leading textile groups. This model can handle unexpected reductions in supply chain timelines, thanks to its advanced features. Its superior print quality and low energy consumption make it an ideal choice for high-volume textile production.

The Vastrajet K2 ensures a brilliant yarn-dyed effect, and eliminates dyed-yarn inventory management. It also comes with ColorJet’s new Kiloton, which extends print head life. The company has also made a commitment to lower its carbon footprint, a growing concern for consumers and many manufacturers. This increased eco-consciousness is leading to an increase in demand for sustainable products and materials, including high-performance printers.

The VASTRAJET uses Drop-on-Demand technology and Piezoelectric Inkjet to print textiles in high resolutions. It can print on various fabrics, including cotton, silk, polyester, and polyamide. Its high precision and eight-drop size make it a versatile choice for industrial textile printing. In addition to its high print quality, the VASTRAJET features a modular design, which makes it ideal for industrial environments.