5 Key Points to Consider Before Choosing Accounting & Tax Outsourcing Partner


You wear every hat. You’ve worked hard to grow your company. However, you are feeling overwhelmed by the numbers, receipts, invoices, and spreadsheets at this point in your business.

Do you do the happy dance when you think about outsourcing your company’s accounting tasks? Some people adore accounting, and it’s perfectly fine if you’re not one of them!

There’s a good possibility that outsourcing bookkeeping and CFO services for your company will be your next step toward expansion. To build a long-lasting business, you must begin to remove your hats and share them with others.

When it comes to building a business that you work on rather than in, outsource everything that isn’t a core competency, including finance and accounting.

Here are 5 key points to consider before choosing an accounting & tax outsourcing partner.


Building a steady and trusted relationship with an outsourcing partner requires transparency. Because teams will not be working face to face every day, it is critical to commit to transparency prior to the engagement.

It may not be obvious at first, but when choosing an outsourcing partner, you must consider your company’s authenticity, timeliness, reach, and contract. This allows you to deal with any issues that arise with the outsourcing partner.


The most crucial factor to consider is pricing to ensure that the offered price is within your expenditure. You must ensure that the cost charged by the accounting outsourcing partner is much less than the local salary, or else it will be useless.

Compare the offers of other partners and determine what you will receive from another vendor. Some partners may provide customer support at no additional cost, which is a great deal in and of itself. So, while price is extremely important, it should not be the only deciding factor.

Employee Retention

One of the most crucial factors in selecting an outsourcing partner is employee retention. This is especially important when it comes to accounting services outsourcing. As a result, you should investigate how your partner values their employees. Do they have any employee incentive programmes? Do they engage in any team-building activities to help them relax?

If their employees are in the system for an extended period of time, it says a lot about how they treat and manage their employees. When employees are satisfied, they produce higher-quality work in less time.

Scalability Potentials

Companies should be able to expand or contract their operations. As a result, make sure you’re working with an outsourcing partner who has enough resources to meet your needs in a timely manner. A good outsourcing partner can scale up or scale down the number of employees as needed for the project.

Technology and Resources

It is critical to understand what resources and skill set you require from your outsourcing partner. Examine their team’s knowledge of cloud accounting services. Have a thorough discussion about the workflow’s expectations, transition, and ongoing delivery. Inquire with your partner about the cloud-based software and technology they use and the team’s level of expertise.

Minimal Supervision

It is critical to ensure that your outsourcing partner will handle everything from the ground up. Their approach must be sound, and they must be able to produce the desired results. When the outsourcing partner takes full project ownership, you only need minimal supervision and guidance to move the project forward.

The Management Team

It is critical to understand who will lead your offshore team. Check to see if they have the necessary skills and experience to complete your project. Your offshore team’s experienced leader ensures a smooth transformation of work and a successful outcome.

Wrapping Up

If you’re thinking about outsourcing, do your homework to find the best provider for your future business needs. With a solid outsourcing strategy, your company can tap into some of the best accounting talent available, saving you and your company both time and money.