The Importance Of Packaging To Increase Sales


Packaging has been performing exceptionally well for years to brand the products. However, it can also significantly boost your sales. In this discussion, we will analyze how packaging can influence sales. Quality packaging with an attractive design can increase sales figures and encourage a customer base that is loyal to the product. Aware of this trend, those involved in sales have added new functionalities to packaging. One of the best examples is the introduction of custom mylar bags and packaging pouches, which have made packaging not only cost-efficient but also attractive to customers.

On the one hand, there is the instrumental approach (it stores, protects, and transports the product). On the other hand, there is the communicative aspect to consider (it informs, appeals to, and persuades the consumer). Let’s focus on the latter aspect of packaging. The packaging project is complex and requires the intervention of multiple disciplines.

To achieve the goal of a successful sale, it is to offer a comprehensive service, from customer service quality in production and packaging.

Packaging Creates Your First Impression

Packaging is the first perception that the customer has of the product. It transmits different sensations and increases or decreases the desire to get the product. And it has been found that 7 out of 10 buyers admit that packaging has influenced their purchasing decision. It has stood out from competitors. Packaging can help create a distinctive brand to such an extent that the originality of the packaging is one more element of the brand.

Businesses and packaging firms are aware of this trend, and for this reason, they strive to offer personalized packaging, like custom mylar bags that adapt to each brand’s requirements and styles. To address customers’ minds, they have neutral and simple boxes, containers, pouches, and custom mylar bags. Likewise, they can use jars and bottles with a more sophisticated final touch, acrylic-colored jars, and glazed, gold, and silver metalized lids.

In the bottles section, those made of transparent PET material are very good for packaging liquid products with an attractive color that stands out to the eye. All this helps to highlight the product and distinguish it from others. It is an added value that adds prestige to the product and attracts customers with custom boxes with logo. We are in a continuous process of evolution, always alert to new proposals for modernization in this sector. Customers’ habits and values are changing, which fuels our desire to innovate and adapt.

What Do New Customers Like The Most?

New consumer habits, including online sales, result in customers looking for positive shopping experiences. They prefer practical and environmentally friendly packaging. The new trend among consumers is sharing packaging photos on social media. It strengthens the brand and acts as a referral to other potential customers.

Among the new trends is updating packaging according to the time of year, presenting limited edition and Christmas packaging. They are generating high profits.

In terms of packaging quality, it must offer a good opening experience and functionality. A good quality material that is pleasant to the touch and simultaneously resistant to protect the product. Many packaging firms understand unboxing and its importance in developing brand reputation. However, it is impossible for small startups who want cost-efficient packaging solutions like mylar bags. So, a packaging firm needs to address the concerns of these businesses.

What Factors Are Important When Choosing Packaging Designs?

It is interesting to take the following factors into account when choosing the packaging design:

  • To be clear about the product’s target audience so that it is precise and effective.
  • Loyalty to the brand so that our brand is recognized at a glance.
  • They must be made of material that protects and preserves the merchandise, in addition to being practical to be transported and easy to open for the final consumer.
  • The design allows the classification of the products according to the different ranges.
  • Packaging should be functional and reusable.
  • Origin/ History attracts customers. Behind each product is a story that can interest the final consumer and make them prefer it over others.

Packaging Design Aspects

Finally, we want to focus on the design, aspects such as the package’s shape and color.

Packaging with rounded and curved shapes is aimed at a more feminine audience. Packaging with angular and straight shapes aim at a male audience.

Regarding color, it should match the style and values of the brand and evoke positive responses. Different colors convey different messages.

Red = passion, appetite.

Blue = calm and professional.

Black = strength, sophistication

Pink = femininity, sincerity

Green = nature, sustainability

Yellow = audacity, happiness, competence.

Customization Improves Sales

Although packaging firms manufacture standard products, they can always make customized projects designed to respond to the needs of the public. They are aware that each client is different, and they are receptive to understanding the needs of each seller and consumer.

They are prepared to advise you on everything related to obtaining the best packaging to make your products profitable and stand out from competitors in the sector.

In this post, we have given visibility to the importance of the external appearance of the product being sold and packed in mylar bags. Starting with a good choice of packaging material and design can generate a lot of satisfaction and economic profitability.