Best Tools And Platforms For A Better Virtual Workspace

Best Tools And Platforms For A Better Virtual Workspace

-” Hello, am I audible? Hello… Hello…”

– “I can’t see your screen.”

-” We can’t hear you.”

-” I am sorry, I missed the meeting; I didn’t get the notification.”

-” Sorry for the late reply; your message didn’t just pop up.”

You have heard or said those sentences uncountable times for the last few years of work from home. Isn’t it? Pandemic left no option for the businesses except to choose remote work. And these inconveniences have interrupted the workflow of every organization notably.

So, what should you do to create a flawless virtual workplace? You already know the answer. When you are working virtually, technology will be the savior for you. It would help if you replaced the software and tools your team members are using with scalable and advanced virtual work software to ensure enhanced productivity. You can even outsource services virtual assistant in India to save time and efforts and save the extra cost.

Let’s have a look at the top-rated virtual work tools and software that never fail to boost the performance of your remote team.


Top features:

  • Engagement surveys
  • Peer to peer recognition
  • Performance management

If you want to have an affordable virtual work software that always takes care of employee satisfaction, Kazoo should be your go-to virtual work software. It will help you hugely to have many happy employees, even when they are working from home. It is one of the best comprehensive employee experience platforms. You are getting all the necessary tools to increase remote workers while using Kazoo. It helps you manage recognitions, surveys, rewards, insights, and more.


Top features:

  • It provides you with a customizable catalog that lets the management curate rewards that can be a good fit for organizational culture.
  • The social recognition feed will help the members stay connected from several corners of the world.
  • It comes with detailed analytics features. You can have deep insight into the state of staff engagement.

Assembly crystallizes rewards, recognition, and discounts. All it happens on a single platform. It helps the administration to develop a robust culture of recognition. HR leaders love Assembly as a virtual work tool for several reasons. The peers can celebrate each others’ success from anywhere on the planet. 

Moreover, the seemingly endless services to set up a recognition program make the management’s work more straightforward. Every company culture is unique. The customized program gets perfectly tailored to the uniqueness of your company.


Top features:

  • Track anniversaries and birthdays
  • Built-in recognition
  • Several reward options
  • Distribute cultural rewards
  • Manager-to-Peer Recognition

Who doesn’t want to encourage their peers to perform their best and congratulate them for their best performances? Awardco comes as a helping hand for all of them. It gives them an easy-to-use interface to make the manager-to-peer recognition better.

If you want to create a thriving remote work culture in your organization, you have to give your employees one-touch tools that will help them to recognize their peers. Awardco is a very user-friendly virtual work tool. Both your old employee and new ones get quickly ramped up with it. 


Top features:

  • Team-based analytics and reporting
  • In-platform awards for culture developing
  • Public reward feeds that gather buzz

Now, we are going to let you know about another popular virtual work software that helps managers create a thriving work culture. It comes with a fantastic employee recognition program. This is fun and organic, both at the same time.

This software simplifies the way for the employees to recognize each other. It comes with a robust analytic as well. The analytics help the management track success and culture progress in real-time.


Top Features:

  • The games have customizable q&a, GPS missions, and photos/videos.
  • In-app organizer to player messaging
  • Uncountable missions in every game
  • A custom splash screen, external links, and images

This famous virtual platform helps you to build real-world scavenger hunts. It is a fantastic way to lift the team spirit. Not only that, it gives your employees a fun way to support workplace objectives. There are many tasks such as onboarding, developing team culture, and ongoing training. Software like GooseChase breaks those lengthy and laborious tasks down into exciting challenges.

So, your employees will always feel the fire of friendly competition. It will help the efficiency and productivity of your team to go to the next level. Your colleagues will always feel more engaged in the workplace. Plus, you will see a better culture and camaraderie in no time.

Wrapping Up

Creating an engaging and productive remote work culture is like doing a sum on your mathematics paper. If you do it by using proper formulas, you will get full marks. If you make mistakes, you will score zero. And using the right virtual work tools and software is obviously included in the formulas to do it right.

When employees are working from home, they are supposed to face several issues such as lack of motivation, isolation, interruption from family, network and system issues, etc. So, we would suggest you not to assume that the correct virtual work tools will be the common key to every solution related to remote work. We would suggest you talk to them personally with empathy and figure out exactly what’s going wrong if you see things are not in line.

And, obviously, the previously mentioned virtual work tools will always be there to make your job easier.