Air Mattress For Everyday Use: How to Choose Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use?

Best Air Mattress For Everyday Use

Choosing an air mattress can be a complicated task, especially if your main priority is comfort and durability. An air mattress might involve excess noise or feel too bouncy; that’s why you should consider some factors before making a purchase.

Here are the things to look for in an everyday use air mattress:

Type of pump:

There are several types of pumps. Those with manual pumps (with external batteries) will make less noise and won’t require electricity, but they’ll need constant refilling during use. The ones with internal batteries allow you to adjust firmness while sleeping easily. However, these aren’t perfect either. For example, one battery-powered pump may inflate faster than another connected to two batteries at once or switch off in the middle of refilling it. If you go with the latter, choose one with an alarm that will sound when the battery runs low.


The length and width should be proportionate to your mattress foundation (if you’re using one) or your bed frame in order not to slide. Also, make sure that its edges are high enough to avoid feelings of claustrophobia since they’ll prevent you from rolling off in case you fall asleep.

Comfort level:

Your purchase decision must consider both firmness (how hard or soft it is) and support levels (the amount of pressure applied by the mattress onto all parts of your body). It would be best to provide information on these aspects, but there aren’t any standards for that yet. The range varies from “extra soft” (yielding like a hammock) to “firm” (like the ground). So, you’ll have to choose based on your preferences and sleeping habits.

Also, check if the air chambers are broad enough, so your hips don’t press against the fabric when lying on your side.


This factor is often overlooked since sound isn’t one of the main factors, but it can affect your sleep quality. It’s recommended that you select an inflatable mattress that doesn’t make more than one-third of what you hear during regular use. You can quickly figure this out by pressing down its surface. However, some manufacturers only provide the noise data under specific conditions, so you’ll have to read reviews to find a relatively quiet one.

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Ease of use:

As previously mentioned, there are several types of pumps. If you’re looking for an air mattress that doesn’t require much effort for inflating or deflating, then choose a self-inflating model since they extend when plugged in. Also, please make sure the valves are large enough to feel uncomfortable while lying on them. Sometimes, inserting your arm can be necessary when plugging in an electric pump or turning off the valve. If this is annoying you, go with a manual one instead, or pick another mattress altogether.

Durability and Maintenance:

While comfort is paramount, durability is equally crucial for an everyday air mattress. Consider the material quality and thickness, as thicker materials often provide better resistance against punctures and wear. Additionally, opt for models with reinforced seams for enhanced longevity. A flocked top surface can add an extra layer of comfort and prevent sheets from slipping.

Maintenance is another key aspect. Look for air mattresses with easy-to-clean surfaces, as occasional spills or accidents are inevitable. Some models come with built-in features like waterproof or stain-resistant coatings, simplifying the cleaning process.

Which is more comfortable: the air mattress or perhaps a couch?

The ideal solution, particularly for smaller spaces, is a sleeping sofa, according to Nora Mitchell, chief editor of Household Advice. “It can be kept and used as a sofa in your living room. Additionally, it is far more durable than just an air mattress and therefore is simple to clean by vacuuming.”