Is Using Baby Lotion On Newborns Safe?


Many new parents do not think that baby lotion is safe for newborn babies. However, it is true that baby location is a product that is made for babies, but it doesn’t mean that it is safe or not. 

It has been seen that many new parents use different products to moisturize and clean the screen of their newborn babies. Yes, it may be affecting the baby’s gentle skin. Still, this question is unsolved whether baby lotion is safe or not for newborn babies. 

This article will surely help you out from this confusion. We always suggest to our readers to not apply any such product that can badly affect a newborn baby. In this matter, you need to go through this article in every section without skipping it. So, let’s start. 

Do Newborns Need Lotion? 

This is a very important question to have the answer to. Being a parent of a baby, you need to define which baby massage oil or lotion is really needed for a newborn baby.  Babies have a protective layer on their skin when they are in their mother’s wombs. The layer is called vernix caseosa. 

This layer protects them from drying skin. The fact is that post-birth of a baby, the vernix begins to shed. And it gives a red and flaky appearance to the baby’s skin. This is quite a normal process. Every baby has gone through this. 

During this time, parents may decide to apply baby lotion to remain their skin moist. But newborn babies might not need lotion or baby oil to make their skin moist. Parents must leave their newborns as they are. 

When To Use Lotion On A Newborn? 

Now, you may ask when you need to use baby lotion or when you can start to apply baby lotion on a newborn. So, you have got the answer that for a newborn baby, baby oil or baby lotion is not good for their skin. 

So, let’s see when you can apply baby lotion on your baby’s skin. To protect the baby’s skin and maintain a soft skin texture, you should use gentle and fragrance-free baby skincare products. Therefore, it is important to know when to use baby lotion.  

  1. You can apply lotion all over the baby’s body immediately after the bath. This helps to reduce the chances of the baby’s skin which is flaky and dry. Also, you can use mild and chemical-free baby soap for bathing to reduce the risk of excessive dryness.
  1. Use the lotion on the specific body part that looks dry. It helps keep it moist and heal the screen. If you think that the baby’s skin is drier than normal, then you should apply baby lotion two to four times a day. 

BabySkin Care Products

You need to know which type of product you can use for your baby. Assemble these newborn skin care products:

  1. Washes/Cleansers, Baby Soaps, And Shampoos

These products are safe for newborn babies. Rember, don’t use baby soaps frequently. Less use is better. 

  1. Petroleum jelly: 

You can use petroleum jelly to heal diaper rash. It can effectively work against moist diapers. 

  1. Baby oil: 

Baby oil is a traditional product for newborn babies. For a long time, generation by generation, people have followed this product. You can use baby oil for a newborn for massaging. Newborn skin does not absorb it all. 

  1. Baby lotion: 

Baby lotion is another skin care product that you also apply on a newborn baby after a bath. Apply gently to moist their skin.

  1. Baby powder: 

If you use baby powder, then make sure the product is talc-free and keep it away from the baby’s face and genitals. Cornstarch or talc can be the cause of breathing problems. 

  1. Baby laundry detergent:

You may say this product is not directly for baby’s skin. Though, you need to be concerned about baby laundry detergent. We don’t want to take any risks with our newborn baby. Therefore, don’t use regular detergents because they are harsh. 

How To Choose The Right Lotions For Your Baby?

Regarding this, you can follow some tips. Such as:

  1. Be Well Informed

Try to get information about the product from the internet as well as from product labels.  Find information from a reputable source. 

  1. Choose Mild Notion

Only choose the lotion which is specially made for babies. Don’t buy any other products, they are chemical-free. In the market, there are few reputed baby skin products available, so buy those companies’ products. 

  1. Read Instruction

Read instructions and ingredients that mention the product label. Make it a habit; before use, you will check the product label’s information. 

  1. Professional Help

Before using any product, talk to your baby’s pediatrician and take suggestions if the product is safe or not.  

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When Need To Consult A Doctor? 

See, dry skin is common for newborn babies. Also, regular moisturizing can keep them healthy. But if your baby skin appears red, itchy, and flaky, visit your baby’s  pediatrician. You can visit a dermatologist. 

And follow their suggestions and the prescription they prescribed. Bring those medications and apply the home remedies that your baby’s doctors suggest. 

Final Words

At the end of this article, we would like to say that newborn babies are more sensitive. You need to take more precautions. Don’t make any mistakes about your baby’s health.  Your baby completely depends on you, it is your responsibility to protect them with love, affection, and care. 

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your queries; if you have any further queries, please feel free to share your words in the comment section.

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