8 Ways to Extend the Life of an Air Conditioner

8 Ways to Extend the Life of an Air Conditioner

If you keep up with its maintenance, your air conditioner should provide you with reliable airconditioning repair in Aliso Viejo for at least ten years. However, whether or not this will be the case mostly relies on how well you take care of your unit. It is the most important factor. You will need to get a new air conditioner after the one you already have has reached the end of its useful life. If you do not, the inefficiency of the older system will increase your monthly energy costs.

You will have to pay expensive power costs, and your outdated air conditioner will need regular maintenance and the best air conditioning repair in Aliso Viejo. It indicates that you should prioritise doing timely preventative maintenance and care for your needed air conditioning repair in Aliso Viejo.

Install your AC properly:

The quality of installing an air conditioner may considerably affect the system’s expected lifetime. If you are not familiar with the installation process, it is not recommended that you try to do this activity on your own. To guarantee that the installation is carried out properly, it is important to engage a skilled expert.

Although paying for the air conditioning repair in Aliso Viejo by a professional might be expensive, doing so will guarantee that all components are put correctly. Spending money on a professional installation will reduce the likelihood of experiencing harm.

Regular Maintenance:

Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent AC damage. Every year, a professional should do preventative maintenance on the system. During this time, the system should be cleaned, adjusted, and all of its components should be inspected for flaws. In your best interest is to arrange maintenance for your air conditioner in the spring and autumn, well in advance of the busy seasons. The system won’t stop working in summer or winter if you do this.

Be Sure to Inspect the Exterior Unit:

The air conditioning system’s condenser is a highly significant system component overall. If you do not clean it regularly, different kinds of trash and stones might get lodged in it, which will reduce the unit’s expected lifespan. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you inspect your air conditioner every time following a storm since this is the most likely period for damage to occur due to debris being lodged in the exterior unit.

In addition, make sure that this air conditioning system component is not surrounded by any shrubs or other debris that might hinder air passage. It should be checked regularly. For the system to perform as effectively and economically as it possibly can, the exit vents of the condenser unit should not be clogged. Maintain a frequent inspection of your device to look for water or refrigerant leaks. These are significant issues that need quick attention and correction.

Clean Air Filters Often:

You should make it a habit to clean or replace your air filters regularly, just as you are aware that you need to keep your home clean consistently. It is recommended that filters be cleaned anywhere from once every two weeks to once every three months; however, the frequency of cleaning will change based on the kind of filter and the working circumstances.

A filthy air filter will make it more difficult for air to move through the system, which will force the system to work harder to make up for the loss of efficiency. You may use a smart controller or thermostat to be informed when it is time to clean your filters if that is something you are interested in.

When it comes to cleaning, one may choose from a wide variety of various methods. The most frequent methods are using a vacuum cleaner or blasting it out with air to clean the air filter. The majority of filters may also be cleaned using a solution that consists of soap and water. Then, hang the filter to dry.

Reduce the AC’s Workload:

Installing a ceiling fan will benefit your air conditioner as it will be easier to maintain the temperature you want in the room. You’ll also improve airflow. If you run your air conditioner at a lower wattage, it will be able to serve you for a longer period, and your monthly energy expenses will be cheaper as a result.

Keeping your curtains drawn tightly might assist in preventing heat from entering your house. Blinds also accomplish this. All of these things will assist you in lowering the amount that you spend on energy while also extending the life of your air conditioner.

Use Automatic Air Conditioning:

Because it turns on the fan only when required, the automated mode of the air conditioner is a very convenient feature to have. Your power expenses will go down because the system will only be operational when required, rather than always. You will also get more usage from your air conditioner since it will not need much maintenance.

Because of the increased amount of dust that will build, your air conditioner will need to be serviced and inspected for damage more often if it is left on continuously. A decrease in efficiency is possible if regular maintenance and filter cleaning are not performed. You may modify the amount of fan use based on your requirements with the help of the advanced controllers for air conditioners that are available nowadays.

Smart Cooling:

You can make your AC more efficient in various ways. A sophisticated controller is included as one of them. You may add features and control the AC from any Wi-Fi-enabled place. Because of all of this, the home appliance will not be operating at its greatest power, which will increase in its typical lifetime.

Insulate House:

To ensure that your air conditioner can cool your house effectively, you should invest in quality insulation for your property. Using this approach, you won’t have to be concerned about wasting any conditioned air inside the space.


You will be able to extend the life of your air conditioning system while maintaining its high level of effectiveness by using all of these techniques. Air conditioners are crucial for our houses. It is among the essential elements of your house’s temperature and humidity regulation systems. It is also one of the most costly equipment, and as a result, the greatest care must be taken while handling it since the prospect of purchasing a new air conditioning unit may be stressful at best. Because of this, you need to take precautions that will ensure the longevity of your air conditioner for as long as you possibly can. It is essential to be aware that an air conditioner has around 15 years; however, you may extend this limit if you use and maintain it appropriately.

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