6 Myths About Mobile Phone Signal Booster For Rural Homes & Offices

Mobile Phone Signal Booster

The best way to enhance the GSM, 3G, or 4G connection is with mobile signal boosters. It is simple to set up and operate and doesn’t demand big investments. Missed calls, and spotty network coverage all results in annoyance. Also, switching the carriers for better connectivity is not always the option. More and more office owners have realized that dead zones in the offices result in bad communication. It not only impacts employee productivity but also affects the business. Thus, installing a mobile phone signal booster seems worthwhile. It will boost the reception and eliminate the hassles of swapping to carriers. In addition, it enhances the existing wireless or Wi-Fi-like connectivity services.

However, with several queries, there have been some myths about mobile phone signal booster effectiveness. In this write-up, we will discuss these misconceptions and how the signal boosters improve the phone service.

Debunking Common Myths About Mobile Phone Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Signal Booster Degrades Existing Wi-Fi Efficiency

There are several signal boosters available that are supplied by the carriers themselves. Most of the time, such options only cause potential risks with the available Wi-Fi resource’s efficiency. But the options like Telstra mobile signal boosters and more with antennas assure elimination of any interferences occurring with the existing Wi-Fi.

The towers of dependable and well-known mobile phone companies provide environmental signals to the cellular signal boosters. It then intensifies such messages. Additionally, the entire signal amplification procedure is reversed. It strengthens the data and voice quality from employees’ devices and transfers back to the cellular signal towers. In simple terms, the cell phone signal delivers boosted signals that can reach the broader workspace. It can be any one room or floor of educational or medical office establishments.

Using Cellular Signal Boosters is Illegal

There is a big confusion that signal boosters are illegal. It is quite understandable why such misconceptions occur. After all, the electronic communication business comes with multiple complexities.

One brand-specific signal booster must be used to receive brand services. There are other carriers, nevertheless, that only offer effective solutions to improve their signals.

No matter what brand you are using, registering the signal boosters you have installed is also necessary. Additionally, to avoid paying any expensive fines, purchase your signal boosters from a certified supplier.

It Interferes with Mobile Network

Such issues are now a thing of the past. Earlier the cell phone boosters were designed poorly which resulted in more interference and delivered less quality network coverage convenience.

However, mobile phone signal boosters available today assure good quality voice calls and overall phone reception. Thus, without impacting anyone’s signal strength nearby.

Keep in mind that cellular boosters are subject to strict rules in several countries only to ensure their safe use by the residents. Modern boosters have also undergone certification and FCC testing. It assures that they won’t obstruct carrier networks in any aspect.

Distributed Antenna Systems Are the Only Effective Signal Boosting Solution

Distributed Antenna Systems are a widely popular technological solution in the corporate office or rural areas. It is considered to deliver consistent rectification of cell phone signals. Thus, eliminating all the possibilities of interference while performing vital office operations.

Yes, it is all true and that is the reason distributed antenna systems are the choice of many corporate businesses. However,  its costs and overall complex setup make it challenging for big firms to think about it.

On the other hand, the cell phone signal boosters are easy to install anywhere, provide quality voice services, and at a low cost as compared to DAS. The setup is simple and has wiring challenges or difficulties for the broadband provider to locate it.

Existing Wi-Fi Works Well With Signal Booster

These days, there are reliable in-office internet connectivity options guaranteeing fast data rates and good signal strength throughout the building. Though, they fall short of serving as a wireless telephone service alternative.

Numerous corporate offices have shifted to the convenience of VoIP phone assistance. Also, many of them are using their Wi-Fi solutions to eliminate the hardware systems installations. However, such solutions also fail when the internet goes down or when companies experience a total loss of connectivity.

No business owner can take chances of employees being unable to attend conferences or important client meetings. Hence, installing a mobile phone signal booster comes with the guarantee to keep the employees connected and communication clear. Thus, boosting both employee and business productivity.

Boosters Utilize Wi-Fi Bandwidth Competing With Signals of Other Devices

Even though it is untrue, we’ll talk about why this misunderstanding exists. The office or residence may have further equipment installed that serves as a small cell tower in addition to the boosters. Their primary responsibility is to develop new networks as needed. You should be aware that mobile boosters only make use of the operator’s current network. Simply put, they are not in direct competition with other neighboring wireless devices.

They operate entirely differently and cooperate with the current cell signals. Their job is to gather and enhance cell phone signals, which are typically weak. Additionally, the enhanced signals are sent to the home or business, enabling the connection of the devices. Comparing it to microcells or femtocells is unreasonable. Unlike boosters, these always interact with the Wi-Fi network. Thus, affecting the signal’s resilience.


The mobile phone signal boosters offer a wide range of benefits. These include reliable phone service, quick calls and data speeds, quality voice calls, and uninterrupted internet connectivity. In addition, the booster for mobile phones assures better security, especially when installed in homes or any establishment in rural areas.

So, considering installing the signal booster is a great idea, be it the home in a rural area or it is the need of the corporate office. But first, understand the myths or misconceptions that surround the boosters. Only then you will be able to make the right cellular signal booster choice.

Additionally, you can get in touch with the operators. They can help determine the requirements for network coverage before offering to propose boosters of reliable brands.

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