What Are The Benefits Of Using A Corporate Gifting Platform?


A corporate gifting company is a home to an automated system for choosing, keeping, packaging, and distributing corporate presents and personalized swag items to clients, customers, workers, or prospects. In addition to assisting senders in getting their packages delivered, the platform records shipment, receipt, and answers automatically and offers helpful reporting tools for determining your campaign’s success and return on investment. While traditional gift-giving is undoubtedly practical, the numerous steps needed to complete a campaign require an almost prohibitive time commitment. Additionally, a staff member is needed to monitor the items sent manually. But with a corporate gifting platform, you can do away with these processes and enjoy several perks. Some of its other benefits are as follows:

Individualized/Bespoke Experience: Making the receiver believe that the present was provided specifically with their requirements and preferences is the key to making an impact with a direct mail send or a corporate gift. The receiver can appreciate a gift given “especially for them,” which forges better relationships than generic swag or gifts, using the data already present in your CRM or with the aid of preferences indicated on social media. Personalized, practical presents like drink mugs, specialty products like team-branded apparel or treats, “milestones” items like birth or housewarming presents, delicious goodies, and craft spirits are all possibilities.

Automated Process: The automation of a corporate gifting platform is its most noticeable feature and advantage, allowing users to choose, pack, customize, send, and monitor gifts with little to no manual labor or data entry. Customers may construct campaigns that run from beginning to end using the best sending platforms with a minor input. These possibilities are all made available through CRM integration, which eliminates manual processes and speeds up time-consuming tasks like shipping and feedback.

Fiscal Management: Budgeting might be one of the most challenging steps in the mailing process since many factors affect the total cost and efficacy of your campaign. Pre-selected budget constraints may ensure that your campaign maintains the bottom line and ROI in the forefront despite the ability to ship almost any item (even distributing straight through outlets like Amazon). Your senders will have more flexibility of choice since you may establish specific budget restrictions without worrying about going over budget.

Scalability: One of the best benefits of using a corporate giving platform is its scalability. Any business, from small and medium-sized enterprises to big, multi-departmental clients, may benefit from sending gifts through corporate gifting businesses. Its scalability enables teams to foster authentic connections even when communicating with a vast pool of receivers. It can help multiple businesses collaborate effectively and become partner vendors. Win-win for all!

Summing Up: Corporate gifting is essential to the growth of your business. Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the full capabilities of an automated sending platform and how those capabilities match your sending requirements and campaign strategies when selecting the best program for your company. Due diligence using the following best practices will help you choose a supplier from the growing pool of available options while maintaining the value of your investment. Considering all these benefits, you have all the reasons to collaborate with a reliable gifting company. They leave enough room for you to have a seamless experience and guarantee peace of mind!

So when are you teaming up with one?