Top 5 tourist attractions in Andaman

Tourist attractions in Andaman
Andaman Couple Tour Packages

There are numerous tourist attractions in Andaman. Nothing in India can likely compare to the Andaman Couple Tour Packages. This archipelago of 572 islands, which is about 1000 kilometres from the eastern coast of India, is a top tourist destination. Whether you are a history buff, a fan of water sports, or a lover of nature, Andaman has something for you! The wonderful seafood is the cherry on top of the perfect atmosphere, which includes golden beaches, turquoise waters, and peaceful, unpolluted surroundings.

Due to the abundance of sightseeing and activity options available when visiting the Andaman and Nicobar islands, it might be difficult to decide which to choose. The following should be included in the Andaman holiday trip packages that you choose, though:

1. Taking a Beach Tour

It goes without saying that the bulk of visitors to the Andaman and Nicobar islands spend a lot of time strolling around the beautiful beaches. Long lengths of white sand that are surrounded by turquoise ocean and a gentle wind are the ideal setting for detoxification of the body and mind. Despite the fact that all of the beaches in the Andamans are stunning, each one has something special to offer. Some of the beaches are suitable for honeymooners, while others are perfect for those looking for peace and quiet. The Radhanagar beach is the most scenic of all the beaches. The Elephant Beach on Havelock Island is the best choice for those who enjoy marine life. Visit the charming Corbyn’s Cove beach, which is surrounded by tropical vegetation and coconut trees, if you want to have a picnic in the great outdoors.

2. Visiting the Famous Mobile Jail

There is no denying that it can appear dismal to visit the famous island prison where prominent Indian freedom fighters spent some of their worst days. History buffs, though, must see this Port Blair landmark. This island prison, also known as Kaala Pani, was used by the British to expatriate prominent freedom fighters. Some areas of the prison were destroyed by Japanese aeroplane bombardment during World War II. Even so, it continues to draw large crowds. Of particular note is the nightly extravaganza Light and Sound, which is presented for the guests in both English and Hindi. On-site photography is permitted for an additional fee. It is closed on Mondays and major holidays.

3. Scuba diving for fun

Scuba diving and nearly all other watersports can be enjoyed in the stunning coastal area of the Andaman Couple Tour Packages Islands. The nicest thing about is that you can partake in the activity even if you can’t swim well. It provides a risk-free opportunity to observe aquatic creatures up close. In the Andaman Sea, Havelock Island is a sanctuary for scuba divers. Scuba diving vacations can be planned by agencies on the island and in Port Blair. Another location for scuba diving is the Lighthouse, where expert divers engage in the activity at night. The variety of fish species and coral reefs here are astounding. Go to Barracuda City to witness stunning marine turtles while diving or swimming underwater.

4. Taking Bird Watching Pleasures

The Andamans’ fauna is not just comprised of aquatic species! Instead, those who enjoy birds might choose their own special place. Birdwatchers in Andaman travel to the bird island, also known as Chiriya Tapu. Numerous avian species call the little, charming island settlement home, and you’ll be pleased by the area’s natural beauty and incessant chirping. It can be reached by road and is only 22 kilometers from Port Blair and a portion of the Emerald Islands. Sea eagles, parakeets, drongos, emerald doves, and other species can be seen. A really ethereal experience may be had when viewing a sunset at this location, which is also perfect for nature and wildlife photography. The location is free to enter.

5. Taking Pleasure In Forest Trekking

Visitors who enjoy an adventure might go on a journey through the forests on several of the islands in the Andaman. The majority of them opt to hike from Madhuban to Mount Harriet. By coincidence, the latter is the archipelago’s third-highest mountain. Along the trip, you will be mesmerized by the lush, green forests, tranquilly, and flora and animals.

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