Tobacco Brand A Blockbuster Hit With Our Customized Cigarette box sleeve Packaging


The custom cigarette box sleeve is uber-chic! The structural design of the two-piece box is extraordinary. The frictionless movement of the sleeve and the strong base of the packaging give the ciggy a million-dollar look. If you place your cigarettes in the sleeve packaging, it exudes effortless class and style.

Whether hanging out with buddies or attending a meeting, the customized packaging steals the show like a pro. It impresses the onlookers and also reflects your taste for creative packaging. If you want to experience quality packaging at a low price, this is your golden chance. For more details, send your queries to and get your hands on smart packaging now!

Maintain Your Brand In The Hyper-Saturated Market With Our Environmentally Friendly Packaging 

Cardboard cigarette boxes wholesale are creating headlines in the tobacco industry. The increased demand for cigarettes makes customized packaging a no-brainer. But here is the twist.

Tobacco lovers are not in for harmful, toxic, and unsustainable packs. Thanks to the global warming awareness campaign. As a result, the brands and the buyers have become extra mindful of the packaging. They prefer brands that incorporate eco-friendly practices.

Do you want to coin your identity as the environmental champ? Welcome to iCustomBoxes. Our brand’s mission is to take the business and the environment side by side. And for that, we use kraft and cardboard material. Order wholesale cigarette boxes if you want to play safe, win over the customers, and increase the sales graph. It is cost-effective, saves potential resources, offers volume discounts, and reduces GHG emissions. Isn’t that awesome?

Nail Your Brand’s Identity With Our Stylish, Creative, And Engaging Packaging

The top tobacco brands Marlboro, Camel, and Dun hill are popular for all the right reasons. Apart from the good taste, their packaging is drool-worthy. Whether their cigarette packs are placed at the airport or the tobacco store, it engages the customers in split seconds. Yeah, that’s the power of customized packaging. If you aim to make a difference in the cutthroat competition, signature packaging is your best bet.

The custom cigarette box sleeve is creating waves at a global level. Wondering why? It provides excellent protection to the tobacco wraps-no squeezing or bursting of the ciggy. They are shipped flat, have no complicated assembly, and are lightweight. As a result, it significantly cuts the shipment fare. Hence if you want to ship or display them, you will never cry over the substandard packaging. On top of that, customers start to connect with your brand through signature sleeve packaging.

The truth is we design right-sized wholesale cigarette boxes that are durable and flexible. We try our best to set a new benchmark for packaging. Thanks to our high-quality printing machines, material analyst, and quality assurance members. Trust us; together, we can move the mountains.

Choose iCustomBoxes; The Legendary Custom Box Manufacturer!

Our cardboard cigarette boxes wholesale are up for grabs! Are you on a shoestring budget? Do you think our boxes will leave your pockets empty?

Relax! We are a revolutionary custom box supplier. For decades we have been in the business of manufacturing customized cigarette packs. And our customers have never lodged a single complaint to us. The best part? The circle of our A-list clientele is expanding at an accelerating rate.

Do you know what is the strength of iCustomBoxes? We never underestimate the impact of creativity and original designs. And we encourage you to come up with your design ideology, and our graphic designers are here to guide you. Whether you want the cigarette boxes to reflect classic or contemporary vibes we are on it. Feel free to connect and communicate your ideas with our in-house experts. And if you are confused regarding box styles and designs, we got this. You will be amazed to discover our mind-blowing themes, colours, and illustrations. Are you ready to take the ride?

Mark our words; we are printing perfectionists and we never settle for less. Our timeless boxes are a reflection of our love and passion for creativity.