ac repairing in dubai

If your home is fully air-conditioned, then it becomes essential to clean the air for healthy living. The air conditioning system harbors millions of dust and dirt particles, and they need to be cleaned regularly. Apart from the health of the homeowners, air-conditioning health is also essential. Regular maintenance and servicing of air vents and ducts help the HVAC system function better, improve cooling, and save energy costs. 

While it is possible to clean the air ducts personally, calling professional AC maintenance services is preferable to do the AC repair in Dubai. They will do a better job and prevent the AC from getting damaged. 

It is seen that homeowners occasionally service their home AC and only go for a complete servicing, including air-duct cleaning, every three to five years. This allows a significant build-up of dirt and other pollutants in the air duct system resulting in breakdown and steep repair costs. 


When cleaning air vents or changing air filters, they need to be followed the manufacturer’s instructions. For some reason, if it is not possible to call a professional and one decides to DIY the air duct cleaning, then there are certain precautions to take. Unlike cleaning any other electrical appliance, air duct cleaning is not an easy job.

One will require the appropriate tools to clean such as a high-powered vacuum, broom, screwdrivers, cleaning brush, and some basic technical knowledge to clean it independently.  


When a considerable amount of time has passed since the last AC servicing, and one can feel the performance of the AC declining, it is time to call the experts. Rather than doing it oneself and damaging the duct system, it is advisable to contact the air duct cleaning companies. They can do a quality job with their high-tech equipment and expertise. 

The signs to look out for scheduling the AC duct cleaning are 

  • Visibility of dirt on AC Vents
  • Poor air quality leads to respiratory issues
  • Bad-smelling air and indoor odor retention
  • Symptoms of allergies
  • Not enough cooling
  • Abnormal high energy bills
Why should one call a professional for air duct cleaning?

There are many advantages to calling a professional AC re to clean air ducts. This work involves comprehensive servicing, and some of the reasons are:

Protect the HVAC system

The professionals will know how to inspect the entire HVAC system, including ducts and vents. They will check for the proper functioning of the fans, compressors, and air filters apart from the cleaning part. If any parts or filters need to be repaired or changed, they will do it accordingly. One will avoid costly repairs or maintenance if the right people do the job. 

  • Higher savings 
  • Having a professional AC maintenance company do the job on a one-time basis or under an annual maintenance contract (AMC) will lower expenses. Initially, the yearly fees or initial service costs will be high, but in the long run, it will save on major breakdown expenses and lower energy bills. 
  • Quality of servicing 

One can be assured of the high quality of servicing job done by the AC experts. Cleaning air ducts requires the right cleaning tools and expert procedures. 

If there are multiple AC systems to be cleaned, then only the professionals can handle it properly. Another advantage is on-call service in emergencies if one has an AMC.

  • Additional value-added services 

While doing a duct and vent job, professionals also do additional services in the process, such as dryer vent cleaning, carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping, and disinfection. These jobs remove the risk of fire hazards and allergic triggers in the home. 

A professional AC maintenance Company will include the following services:

  • Setting up the equipment in such a manner that the entire duct is reached and cleaned
  • Removal of vent covers from the wall
  • Complete a review of the ducts before starting the cleaning process

Usage of fogging machines in ducting to kill bacteria  

  • and germs inside the duct
  • After cleaning the duct, checking the air quality
  • Post servicing cleaning the furniture and surrounding areas

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