Maid Sama Season 2: Release date, Plot, Characters and All Other Info

Maid Sama Season 2

Since the day after season 1 aired, many people have been asking for a second season. I count myself as being one of those people. So, let’s take a moment to consider just how much we want this show to come back.

Why Maid Sama Season 2 should be made?

Of course, there is more than just wanting it. The real question that should be asked is: does it deserve a second season? By that, I mean: what would we expect from such a sequel? Would we only want pretty colors and lighthearted fun without any substance or poignancy? Having something like “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” (a movie which I don’t particularly like) isn’t what most fans seem to hope for, but then again, most fans don’t seem to want a story arc towards the end. I’m not sure what they want, but I think the best bet would be an OVA rather than another 26 episodes (but I still wouldn’t mind more episodes…)

Maid Sama Season 1 vs Maid Sama Season 2

Maid-Sama is like any other slice of life comedy anime: it does well with humor and lightheartedness while often avoiding complicated character development or bittersweet moments that leave a lasting impression on its audience. This makes me wonder if we’d prefer a continuation of the original series without any change. Or would we choose a change in tone? Both options have plusses and minuses. For example, will some people miss season 1 because there are no references to them in the second season? In that case, a new type of humor might become apparent in season 2.

Of course, the fans have been given some silly spin-offs to play with. For example, there is a manga about Miki and Takumi working at a maid cafe together. Or something like that (it’s not very interesting). And let’s not forget the OVA where the girls go on an idol audition… Unfortunately for those who want more, Maid Sama! None of these stories are animated by Studio DEEN. It also doesn’t help that most anime fans consider most spin-offs as unrelated to their source material even when they aren’t – most notably Full Metal Panic! Fume off vs. Full Metal Panic! It’s a bit interesting how that show was written to be humorous while avoiding any references to the more serious plot of the main series.

What Maid Sama fans want?    

 In addition, there is a lot of inconsistency with what people want. Some people ask for an OVA, some want another season, and others want “more” in general (whatever that means). That last group seems to include just about everyone who watched this anime. This brings me back to my original question: does Maid-Sama deserve another season? I think it’s worth asking ourselves why we watch anime in the first place. Is it so we can get our weekly fix of cute girls doing cute things? Because if so, then maybe it doesn’t deserve another season – it should stay an OVA or a one-shot. Perhaps that’s what people want, too. However, if we watch anime because of the story it tells (or fails to speak), there is room for improvement; but would this be worth doing if the season didn’t do well in Japan?

Characters of Maid Sama season 2

The characters in the original were very well-rounded with good character development and were hilarious. Having another season would miss out on developing new characters since there’s only so much drama you can add without just taking away from the comedy/slice of life casual moments of the series.

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However, I think it’s safe to say that if there were another season of this anime, no one would like it (because they’d be expecting more drama/romance, etc.). The manga does not exist in my view because it was never intended as more than a simple one-shot. However, some people still think of Maid-Sama as an ongoing series simply because they’re used to seeing 12+ episode anime on an annual basis. This needs to change (a shift towards shorter but more frequent shows) – which would be counterproductive if Bushrod tried to turn this into a harem or romcom series by dragging out Ayuzawa’s relationship with Usui. A new character would kill the dynamic between the two of them.

Fumigation streamed Maid-Sama

So perhaps they would like to double-dip by releasing another season – but I don’t know how popular this show was compared to their other title. The manga has undoubtedly received an English release, though, and fans seem eager to buy volumes of this series. Unfortunately, not many people will read it even if Senate Filmworks does license everything Maid-Sama. It just isn’t that popular compared to other titles that group has released (e.g., Girls und Panzer). Although, as I mentioned before, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; perhaps we can finally focus on girls who enjoy their tanks instead of destroying them!

It would help if you decided whether Maid-Sama deserves another season for yourself. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out: either it gets a second season, and we see everyone return with their personalities intact (yet possibly still suffering from weak development), or everyone moves onto other projects, and we never find out how things turn out. In any case, I’ll have to wait until production finishes and hope it’s worth watching. And maybe check out some of those spin-offs in the meantime.

Audience remarks on the question for Maid Sama Season 2 making.

“It’s best to leave things as they are – but it would be interesting to see a spin-off show what happens to Misaki in her future once she graduates/starts working with Usui, etc.”

“The one-shot was great. There’s no need for more, though it’d be nice to see more of Misaki’s antics in high school. This is why I’m looking forward to the upcoming OVAs (and possible manga sequel).”

“I enjoyed Maid-Sama, but if another season comes out, that means there will be less time for development on new shows and side stories. It really wouldn’t bring anything new into this series that couldn’t already be achieved within the one-shot”.

Why isn’t there a season 2 of Maid Sama?

According to what I’ve heard, Maid Sama was never renewed for a second season due to the poor sales of the manga’s final volumes. This is unfortunate because of anime hardly concluded with Misaki confessing to Usui at the event.


This is a story with a lot of substance, and I don’t think it needs a continuation. However, anime fans seem to be a bit too picky about whether they want another season – especially when studios decide what to license based on our purchasing habits. So, if we want anything from this series, we should show our support by buying everything Maid-Sama!