Who Is Johnny Dang? Johnny Dang’s Net Worth, Early Life, Personal Life, And More

Johnny Dang's Net Worth

Johnny Dang

Johnny Dang is a Houston-based Vietnamese jeweler noted for his handmade grills and engagement in the American hip-hop culture. He founded Johnny Dang and Co. Johnny Dang, often known as “The Jeweler to the Stars,” is a Vietnamese jeweler born on November 21, 1974. He founded Johnny Dang & Co. Dang is credited for popularizing the grills, diamond, and gold mouthpieces worn by several recording hip hop musicians.

Dang was born after the Vietnam War in the k Lk Province of Vietnam. Dang’s grandpa and father were also jewelry designers. Dang’s father came to the United States from Vietnam in 1987. Dang and his family moved to Houston with his father in 1996, and Dang started to work in jewelry repair.

Dang met rapper Paul Wall while laboring at a local flea market. Dang’s grill-making expertise pleased Wall, and the two started a business together in 2002. Dang’s company moved from the Sharpstown Mall to a standalone facility in 2016.

Early Life

Johnny Dang, his mother, and his siblings left Vietnam in 1996 to reconcile with his father, whom they had not seen in nine years. Dang’s father was a Vietnam War veteran who managed to flee by boat and later opened a tiny jewelry repair store in Texas.

Dang began studying how to make jewelry while still in Vietnam to assist his father with his company. However, he quickly realized that the designs and technologies used in America were vastly different from those he had learned in Vietnam.


Johnny Dang began his career by serving as a laborer at a local flea market. After working just a few months as a laborer, he eventually met famed rapper Paul Wall. When Paul saw Johnny’s grilling technique, he was blown away. Paul and Johnny agreed to create a business together, and they did so in 2002. After a few years of hard labor, he became recognized for the diamond and gold mouthpieces known as Grillz, used by several hip-hop big hitters such as Kanye West and Sean Combs.

From a watch repair company at a Houston flea market to a well-known merchant selling grills, timepieces, and pendants to well-known artists. Johnny delivers his watches, grills, and other items to celebrities like Kanye West, singer Beyoncé, and rapper Lil Wayne. He was also well-known by the moniker “TV Johnny.”

Social life

On social media, Johnny Dang is also well-known. He has a sizable following base because of his appearances with well-known rappers. Johnny is also well-known for his unique character. His items, including watches and chains, are well-known, and he was also well-known for his work. Almost 2.6 million people follow his Instagram account. Johnny attracts attention by posting photos of herself with well-known rappers on social media.

Johnny Dang got his start working at a flea market in his hometown. He joined rapper Paul Wall a few months later. Paul was intrigued by Johnny’s grill-making skills, and the two co-founded their company in 2002. The entrepreneur is also recognized for popularizing the Grillz diamond and gold mouthpieces used by numerous hip-hop heavyweights such as Kanye West and Sean Combs.

Family of Johnny

Some celebrities refuse to give the media any information about their personal lives. On the other hand, Johnny Dang doesn’t like to share details about his personal life on social media. He prefers to keep her life private. Her father and mother’s identities are unknown. In terms of his father, he struggled for South Vietnam until escaping to the United States in 1987. While the family remained in Vietnam, Johnny’s father taught him to produce the jewelry. Johnny’s family remained in Vietnam for nine years before reuniting in Texas. His mother, on the other hand, remains unknown.

When it comes to his siblings, Johnny has four, all of them are brothers. He is the only sibling he has. We spent a lot of time looking for any information regarding his siblings and relatives, but we couldn’t locate anything. If we come across any new information, we’ll let you know as soon.

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Relationship Status of Johnny Dang

The marital status of Johnny Dang is married. He is married, whom no one knows about. Her name, too, is unknown. Johnny keeps his personal life private and away from the press. He is adamant about not disclosing any information to anyone. He also has a lovely daughter, but no one knows her name, not even her father, Johnny Dang.

Johnny Dang appears on scores of hit rap songs by award-winning musicians, including Migos, Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, Keith Ape, Chief Keef, and others. Dang is claimed to have been the inspiration for Nelly’s 2006 smash song “Grillz,” the number one single on the Billboard charts.

Net worth                       

Johnny Dang’s net worth: Johnny Dang is a jewelry designer and entrepreneur with $20 million. The company is based in Houston, Texas. Johnny Dang started working with jewels as a watch repair service in a leased stall at a Houston flea market. From there, he expanded his business to include two jewelry repair and custom manufacturing storefronts in Houston’s Sharpstown Mall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Johnny was famous?

He was famous for his gold teeth.

  • Does Johnny face criticism?

Yes, some people criticize about his teeth and also taunt him that he wasted his money.