How Custom Product Packaging Enhance Your Business Value


It is important to make a good first impression. This is true even for packaging products, according to a chart published by a respected blog. This can make it difficult to decide whether or not to buy a product.

Brands only have seven seconds to catch customers’ attention. A visually appealing design will not only help customers make faster decisions, but it will also attract their attention. Research shows that packaging and individual preferences are the basis of at least one third of purchase decisions.

Select the Right Color Scheme

The best way to grab the public’s attention and get them to pay attention is to pick the right color. The colors should be appealing to the intended audience and convey the product’s essence. Yellow can bring joy, while black symbolizes power control.

High-Quality Packaging

This is not a first impression. The data graphs show that online shoppers believe they will return to companies to purchase another item if the packaging is high-quality. A total 92% of customers recycle packaging boxes or bags after purchasing. If the packaging is interesting, 48% will share photos with their friends. They will recommend it to friends who may then become customers.

Design Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Turning green is the third way to stand out from the crowd. Today’s customers are increasingly interested in sustainable packaging. Recycling or reusing materials can be a great option for both companies and the environment. It doesn’t have be boring.

Despite all this, packaging still has to function. It should be portable, only contain the required text and protect the product inside. Your brand should be easily identifiable on packaging. If a person sees an item, they will be able to identify the mark.

Brand Perceptions

Brands have made their packaging the most important aspect of their brand image. Coca-Cola’s iconic bottle has been a retro-style icon. The company insists on sustainable packaging and innovative packaging. One example of this is the cube-shaped ice bottles they created with frozen images. These images appeared only when the soda reached its maximum temperature. Another line of bottles was made from plant material. The process of drinking cola has become a game by printing consumer names on the labels.

A study on brand perceptions found that packaging design is the most powerful weapon. This category has been dominated by Monster and Red Bull for years. Pepsi and Coca-Cola have not been able to increase their market share despite their massive marketing and distribution benefit investments. Research showed that many well-known brands did not have a strong design personality. Consumers didn’t consider their packaging to be distinctive.