Fill your hands with Fashionable fabric in UAE Dubai


Organic cotton fabric is cultivated from cotton in such a way that there is no use of chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. Moreover, the way it is cultivated doesn’t harm the environment and is one of the most sustainable and durable fabrics.

Advantages of organic cotton fabric

Environment friendly

Other fabrics are made with the high use of fertilizers and pesticides, which affect the environment. However, the production of this fabric uses less carbon and due to that there is very minimal amount of fuel and energy is consumed. And hence, it prevents water contamination and protects the surroundings. Moreover, the health of the workers is also not affected.

Best for sensitive skin

Many fabrics are made from either synthetic fiber or chemicals, they create irritation to the skin. As this fabric is made with an organic process, it is much softer and safer and it lasts longer than regular cotton. Moreover, its nature makes it a beneficial option for newborns as their skin is more prone to infection.


While we invest so much in our expensive dresses, by the end of the day the final product should be durable enough to last long. And organic cotton fibers’ strength is so strong that it’ll be a good fit to make any garment out of it. For instance, from casual summer dresses, and party tops wear each piece of clothing can be made. In addition, it requires very less care and is highly versatile.

People staying in Dubai had a feeling of being left behind in the world, in terms of fashion. But as time is changing, not all together but new fashion trends in their traditional attires are taking a U-turn. For instance, abayas, midi dresses, kaffiyeh, kandura, and many more. Earlier there were no patterns or designs, as wearing fashionable clothes was not allowed for both males and females.

Although all these attires and many other are available in almost every fabric due to their extremely hot weather conditions organic cotton is considered the best fabric. As even if exposed to the sun as compared to other fabrics, it deteriorates slowly. Moreover, it will hold on to dye and won’t get torn easily. Other qualities are it is breathable, sweat-absorbent, easy to wash, and traps heat within its fibers to keep you cool on hot days. The only disadvantage is in extreme heat it may shrink.


Also known as Shemagh or Ghutrah are headscarves worn by men. Although the primary concern of wearing this was protecting head from excess heat, now it is considered the symbol of tradition and authority. Kaffiyeh is generally made of square-shaped fabric with a checked pattern. However, it is not a hard and fast rule, that you have to wear some particular color, it is available in many other colors.


It is a traditional back dress that is now voiced as the national dress of Dubai and UAE. This is a long cape that covers the maximum part of a woman’s skin, except for the face, feet, and hand. Today, the trend has upgraded and heavy embroidery and various other colors are also worn by people.

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