Eyelash extension FAQs by KA-RAS

Eyelash Extensions

If you lack the right information you will never dare to walk the roads untraveled. The thought of getting eyelash extensions done is pretty intriguing and full of anxiety for first-timers. KA-RAS extensions will brief you on some of the queries clients generally have when they visit us for the extensions. We a very sure if you go through this blog you will be confident and well aware once you reach the salon.

How will the best eyelash salon in Gurgaon, KA-RAS extensions will perform the application?

  • A lash extension must be applied in a meticulous, difficult, and patient manner.
  • The lash specialists employ semi-permanent glue that has been specially designed for lash application. Your natural eyelashes are directly attached to the extensions (100 per eye). Most of the time, the complete process takes up to two hours.
  • The precise procedure may vary according to the technicians and the salon. We’ll give you a general sense of the process here.
  • The technician assesses your skin’s texture by examining it.
  • A series of inquiries will be posed to you by the professional in order to ascertain the style, length, curl, and your needs.
  • You will be made to lie down comfortably, and they will clean the area around your eyes. Avoiding makeup before extensions is an absolute rule.
  • The specialist will then use medical-grade tape and eye gels to hold your lower lashes in place while they operate on your upper lashes.
  • The technician will carefully begin attaching the extensions, one at a time, to your natural lash with the use of tweezers.
  • The expert will instruct you to wait for another five to ten minutes after finishing the entire set in order for the adhesive to completely dry.
  • The medical-grade tape and eye gels will come off once the glue has dried.
  • The extensions are then gently brushed by the professional to encourage flow.

Time to Shine

Can the eyelash salon in Gurgaon do it quickly?

Well, it is negative. The makeover is a complicated process that takes at least two hours, but it is ultimately worthwhile. If you think this takes too much time, consider whether you would rather spend hours every day applying several beauty products or spend a few hours and be prepared for a spontaneous selfie at any time to show off your thick lashes.

What are the to-dos before your visit to KA-RAS extensions?

  • Keep your eyes bare and avoid using any makeup there (trust us, nobody is judging you). Just cleanse your face, that’s all. Absolutely nothing, including eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, curlers, or items that are water-resistant!
  • Always schedule a consultation before making an appointment. This will let you to better understand the type of material, adhesive, length, etc. that you desire.
  • Only after you are confident in the procedure and the expert, ask any questions you have and schedule an appointment.
  • Be honest with the technician about your skin type; the best way to approach treatments is to be aware of your allergies.
  • Dress comfortably and informally.
  • You need to maintain your composure throughout the entire process, so stay away from strong beverages like coffee, and energy drinks. Drinking will simply serve to heighten your perceptions and give you the creeps. It won’t benefit you or your technician in any way.
  • To prevent repeated trips to the bathroom, make sure you don’t consume too much water or heavy food at least an hour before your appointment.
  • You ought to be CERTAIN of your goals. Carry a photograph with you if you lack the words to explain yourself. The secret is to communicate clearly with the lash specialist.
  • Bring your headphones if you anticipate feeling anxious or if you are concerned that you might become bored while the technician performs their magic. Remember to keep the music at a low volume so you can hear the technician when they need to speak with you.
  • Recognize that the procedure requires time, and do not pressure yourself or the extension expert to do the task right away.
  • Inquire about refills.


It is always advisable to get extensions done by professionals and there is no better brand for eyelashes in Gurgaon than KA-RAS extensions. We possess years of expertise and client trust to define ourselves as the best provider of nail and eyelash extensions. Feel free to contact us for a free consult and pave the way to NEW YOU.

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