Escape Room Owners: 5 Ways to Enhance the Experience of Your Gamers

Escape Room Owners

The evolution of science and technology has turned the world around us. Human lives have become significantly easier and hassle-free with the implementation of advanced forms of technology like AI or even VR.  

From the mystery rooms in Bangalore to your daily grocery shopping, every aspect of our life is now dependent on the latest technology one way or the other. The worldwide trend of escape games has grown all the more, thanks to the incorporation of advanced technology that offers players an enhanced gaming experience.  

With competition perpetually growing in the escape room industry, make sure you check out these 5 amazing ways to enhance the experience of your escape junkies:   

1. Usage of diverse sound effects  

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There’s no denying that with the use of sound effects, the experience of the escape games is enhanced by several degrees. When you design your escape rooms such that your audio effects match the thematic setup of your game, you can easily draw in players more intricately to the game! It allows you to offer gamers a more immersive and exciting gaming experience than ever before. Often many escape rooms are also found to intelligently put in clues to the game in the audio clips too!  

From the use of spine-chilling laughter in a horror-themed escape game to the use of the Sherlock Holmes theme music in detective-themed games, there is much that you can play around with! The use of audio scores that matches the theme of your escape game can uplift the entire gaming experience immensely for every player.    

2. Use of cameras to keep everything in check  

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One of the most vital uses of cameras in your escape rooms is, of course, for surveillance. But even apart from that, there is still much that you can do with the use of cameras to enhance the gaming experience of players.  

In case your players need to ask for a hint during the game, all they need to do is simply look in the camera and ask the game master for one. Thus, the use of cameras in your escape rooms can make things much easier for players, even when it comes to emergency cases.  

3. Use of realistic props to create an immersive experience 

By using props in your escape room game, you can offer your players a more realistic game setup, as they get to interact with the props now. From the big human-sized props to even the tiniest ones, the use of realistic props in your escape room can enhance your gaming experience!  

You can even discover how many escape room ventures have started to use robotic dolls to add to the overall thrill of the escapades! The use of authentic and realistic props in your escape game will help you to make your games self-sufficient in holding on to the interest of your players.   

4. Use of advanced lighting effects   

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Many escape room owners have turned to the use of lighting effects to add to the thrill of the escape room chase! Lighting effects can be used in various ways to enhance your escape games for game enthusiasts.  

You can hide a certain riddle or puzzle in the game with the help of the dark and light paradigms to make it tricky for players to discern it. The use of colored lights is also often preferred by many escape room companies in designing escapades these days. They say it helps in adding to the sense of enigma that surrounds the world of escape rooms!  

Often escape room owners also use UV lights at the moments when the players are searching or decoding a certain puzzle in the game. By doing this, they have been able to enhance the gaming experience at their premises considerably!   

5. Give a push to the imagination by using VR technology!    

VR is one of the latest forms of technology that has already found diverse usability in various fields today. Even in the escape rooms, the use of VR technology is dynamic and exciting. You can now rely on VR technology in designing your escape games to boost the imagination of your players.  

The use of VR technology in escapades has proven to enhance the overall gaming experience for players at budget prices. For escape room owners, in particular, the use of VR has been beneficial, as it has significantly lowered investments.  

Now, you no longer have to shut down your entire escape room venue and spend loads of money on renovation just for the sake of a new theme. Instead, all you need to do is either develop your own VR game or purchase a suitable VR game as per your choice!  


Escape room businesses, both big and small, have started to realize the immense potential of technological advancements in the modern age. Through this article, we have only taken a look at some of the most prominent impacts of technology in the entire escape room industry, but there are certainly a lot more to it!  

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