Difference Between Sapphire And Aquamarine Gemstones


Gemstones or birthstones play a very important role in our lives. They come with a lot of positive aspects which we cannot ignore, no matter how modern we become. These stones come with many health benefits. Not only that, they help us in our career and money and we gain a lot of success and prosperity, if we are wearing these gemstones according to our birth months or zodiac signs. But people wear these precious gemstones not only to gain benefits. They also wear these gemstones to look classy and beautiful. Whether it is a diamond ring or a sapphire eternity ring, these stones are something that give us a unique and aesthetic look.

In this article we shall be looking at the difference between two gemstones, that is, sapphire gemstone and aquamarine gemstone. You can buy precious and luxurious jewellery having diamonds and gemstones from different certified jeweller shops. AG & Sons is one such jeweller shop in the UK where you will have different types of gold and platinum jewellery having diamond and other gemstones with hallmarks and certificates. This shop also contains different types of sapphire and aquamarine jewellery, such as blue sapphire necklaces, aquamarine engagement rings, blue sapphire rings, bracelets in sapphire and aquamarine gemstones, sapphire earrings (sapphire earrings UK) and so on all over the UK.

Let us now have a look at some of the differences between sapphire gemstone and aquamarine gemstone.

The colour of sapphire and aquamarine

It is no doubt that both gemstones are found in blue colour. But, every colour has a vast range of shades and we must not consider all the shades as the same as the base colour. The same goes with the colours of sapphire and aquamarine gemstones. Both the gemstones are found in different shades of blue. Hence, both gemstones are not found in the same colour. So, do not get confused with the colours of both the gemstones.

When it comes to the colour of sapphire gemstone, it ranges from the light shades blue to deep and bright shades of blue which almost look like the colour black. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the sapphire gemstone offers you with different varieties of blue hues as compared to the aquamarine gemstones. The latter, on the other hand, appear in a unique and vibrant shade of blue. The colour aquamarine is a bright, yet light shade of blue with undertones of green added to it. Since the colour of the gemstone is exactly like this, therefore, it is named after this colour itself.

So the sapphire gemstone is bright, bold and dark blue in colour and the aquamarine gemstone is found in the light shade of blue with green undertones.

The price of sapphire and aquamarine

Jewellery, whether it is gold or platinum, whether it consists of precious diamonds or gemstones, are costly as such. But the cost varies from stone to stone and metal to metal. Considering the metals, such as silver, rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and platinum, the jewellery varies in price depending upon the metal used. Similarly, the price of the jewellery varies when different diamonds are used and when precious gemstones are used. So the price of the sapphire gemstone and the aquamarine gemstone varies as well.

If you compare the price of both the gemstones, then, sapphire is more costly than aquamarine. In short, you can easily afford to buy jewellery having aquamarine gemstones as compared to jewellery consisting of sapphire gemstones. The price of the jewellery also varies according to the size of the gemstone and the number of the gemstones that have been used in the metal. So if you compare the price of aquamarine engagement rings and the blue sapphire rings, definitely the former are more affordable than the latter.

The durability of sapphire and aquamarine

When we compare the durability of both the gemstones, it is seen that both the gemstones are highly durable in nature. This means, if you are buying a jewellery consisting of either of these gemstones, be sure that you can wear this jewellery piece on a daily basis or regular basis. Considering the hardness of both the gemstones on the Moh scale, it is seen that sapphire is harder than aquamarine. This means sapphire can be considered as a stronger gemstone as compared to aquamarine.

Summing Up

These are some of the differences between the sapphire gemstone and the aquamarine gemstone. Whether you buy a blue sapphire necklace or an aquamarine ring, be assured that both the gemstones are precious. They have their own charm and uniqueness and hence, both enhance your beauty and look.