How to Make Diamond Nail Design? Step-By-Step Guide on Diamond on Nails Design

Diamond on Nails Design

Diamond nails are now favored to do. Diamond nails and cube nails: You should already have a good nail art design before gluing diamonds or any gems on your nails. You can use regular polish to create this kind of design, and you might need help from your friend or family to make it more perfect. Make sure that you choose the right gem color for your outfit because if not, they won’t match each other.  Diamond nails are made by using shiny gems instead of metallic studs. They are created for fingernails only.

Diamond Nail.

If you’re unfamiliar with the method, it entails applying prismatic bits of cellophane to your nail beds to simulate glass shards.

How to do diamond design on nails?

Some girls today do not know how to glue the gems correctly onto their Nails, so putting too many stones on one nail only worsens the situation! That will make you look even trashier. If you want to have the perfect diamond nail design, follow these steps below:

  • First, paint your nails with a good quality nail polish. Please use dark color as your base to make it easier for you to put those diamonds on top later.
  • Now choose a shiny gem that matches your outfit and gently sticks them onto wherever you want to create a diamond shape. You can press the stones gently with tweezers or just carefully by using your fingers.
  • If you are done putting all those gems into place, then now it’s time for some final touch! Just make sure that each stone is perfectly placed before moving on to the next step. Use the dry brush method and wipe away some excess powder with a soft dry brush or Q-tip. Do it gently.
  • Don’t forget to use a top coat so you can seal up all those glittering powders onto your nails! You might also want to consider some bright colors on your base if you are not good at putting dark stains on your nails. Just choose whatever color matches your outfit for this special occasion and paint them on top of diamonds after finishing steps 1 and 2 above.

Types of diamond on nails design

If you wish for a cheap diamond nail design, you can try using plastic diamonds! They are much cheaper but still look fine if they are put correctly onto nails. But please don’t ever think about using genuine gemstones as they are expensive and tough to put on nails. You might need to do it with some help from others because real gems can be easily breakable.

Put those gems onto your nails carefully! Don’t press too hard to avoid damaging them. Also, don’t ever try to “steal” the diamonds from someone else’s outfit! That is indecent, and if you do that, you will get a bad name for yourself and other people around you. Diamond nail design looks nice, but it takes lots of time and effort to make them look perfect! So, if you are not good at doing these kinds of designs, please let someone who can make it for you. If you do not want to spend too much money on this, please use fake diamonds. They look nice as well and at a low price

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Matches with diamond on nails design

Diamond nail design ideas, diamond nail designs with glue tips tutorial, diamond nail designs with plastic gems, no glue necessary. Nails! If you plan to use other gemstones instead of diamonds, make sure that they are in proper colors according to your outfit. Those stones are much cheaper but look nice as well. If you use black nail polish, white goes with it, but then is gray also good? When doing a diamond design on your nails, which color should go under or over another one?