Automotive Spare Parts Supplier in Pakistan

Automotive Spare Parts Supplier

Among the automotive industries in Pakistan, the spare parts industry is a rapidly expanding field. The automobile & allied industry constitutes the largest manufacturing sector of Pakistan. The auto industry in Pakistan includes both companies engaged in production and assembly. To know more about the Pakistani automobile industry, read on. This report will emphasize some of the top automotive spare parts suppliers in Pakistan. You can also understand about remanufactured auto parts.

How Do I Begin A Spare Parts Industry?

The main business of Metaline Industries is manufacturing automotive parts, including car air conditioners and alternators. Its success depends on the performance of the automotive industry in Pakistan. Various factors have contributed to the growth in the country’s auto market, including better incomes, lack of public transportation, and affordable financing. Stamping tool and die companies have remained steady over the last five years, ranging from 18 to 22 percent.

In 1996, Metaline Industries began its operation by making auto air conditioners. It diversified its development portfolio by offering wiring tackles, heater blowers, and AC management. Today, it is the largest automotive parts supplier in Pakistan, serving significant players in the local automotive industry. Moreover, its hospitable attitude and excellent customer service have helped it establish itself as the number one automotive spare parts supplier in Pakistan.

During FY17, the company’s building material business performed well. Its jute and laminate sales helped boost revenues while its packaging business grew. While the paper sack business is on the upswing, it faces competition from woven polypropylene. The regulated duty on imported sack paper may provide a reprieve for Metaline. But its automotive spare parts industry needs to be more competitive if it wants to remain competitive in the global auto parts market.

How Do You Market Car Parts?

With new auto companies coming up all over the country, the demand for automotive spare parts in Pakistan is likely to increase. In addition, new entrants will have to build their supply chains to compete with established players. However, there are opportunities for both new entrants and auto parts manufacturers to collaborate. Listed below are some sources of auto spare parts in Pakistan.

Remanufactured auto parts are often used in old cars. These auto parts are still functional and have a warranty. However, reconditioned auto parts do not come with a warranty. This can cause customers to spend more money than necessary for a new auto part. Fortunately, there are some reliable sources of these parts in Pakistan.

How Do You Market Car Parts?

Auto Parts Manufacturers in Pakistan:

Metaline Industries. In April 1983, the company signed a Technical Assistance Agreement with the Yazaki Corporation, a leading manufacturer of automotive parts in Japan. Through this partnership, It has plans to dominate the market in the manufacture of wire harness systems. This company recently set up a plant in Port Qasim, Karachi. By doing this, it’s likely to expand its product line. And it’s all part of the strategy to be Pakistan’s premier automotive spare parts supplier.

Finding a Remanufactured auto parts supplier is an excellent way to save money and get a quality replacement. Remanufactured auto parts are just like their original counterparts and come with warranties. This is also one of Pakistan’s most profitable business opportunities of Auto parts manufacturers in Pakistan, as it requires little startup capital and high-profit potential. Learn more about how remanufactured auto parts can improve your car.

A remanufacturing company buys the design of an auto part and then makes the whole part functional. For example, if your engine needs a part, a remanufacturing company will remove the damaged component and replace it with a new one, allowing you to drive your car again. The result will be a functional engine that runs like a brand-new car.


Metaline Industries (Pvt) LTD are crucial to the growth of any auto parts business. The value of the market depends on the regulations. A good website should have all your company details, including your contact details and how to order online. You should also have an easy way to track the order status. Use the latest marketing tools to spread your brand and get the word out. If you have a material place, think of utilizing pamphlets, banners, and social media to obtain the phrase out about your company.

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