7 Reasons Why Support And Maintenance Is Crucial For Drupal Websites

7 Reasons Why Support And Maintenance Is Crucial For Drupal Websites

A Drupal website is crucial to streamline your business processes, but it is not enough to simply develop and launch it. Support and maintenance services are integral to success in your business and attracting more potential clients.   

Enterprises must run periodic maintenance to ensure everything is working correctly, and improve functionalities. Websites without any professional support would pile up with errors and bugs. Therefore, to focus on your business, hire a professional Drupal 9 development company that can ensure your website remains stable 24×7.  

The importance of support and maintenance for Drupal websites

When businesses build a website, their Content Management System (CMS) becomes the foundation that parallelly works with maintenance and support too. With a CMS like Drupal, known for its security and high standards, proper maintenance is key to getting the best out of it. However, no matter which platform you choose, your investment in the website will significantly lose its value without any support and maintenance plan.  

Here are the top reasons why you need to hire professional Drupal support and maintenance, service provider:  

Round-the-clock security  

Security is one of the major reasons why businesses look for a reliable website support and maintenance provider. Drupal is one of the most highly secure CMSs today, but it comes with consistent security updates. It means your website needs to be updated with security upgrades and patches regularly to avoid data breaches and cyberattacks.   

Fortunately, the Drupal community make efforts towards releasing security patches, upgrades, and bug fixes add up to building a sustainable CMS ecosystem. Having a team ready to watch and address any type of high-alert fixes keeps your website safe and data secure. Also, if you are operating on Drupal 7/8, consider migrating to Drupal 9 development platform. It helps leverage the best features it has to offer to your website.  

Regular fixes  

A small bug can also result in bigger issues down the road. Bugs and errors can emerge out of nowhere for various reasons. Sometimes, it’s because of a former vendor’s naïve coding and deployment of a new unnecessary feature. At times it may be due to insufficient testing, miscommunication, lack of expertise, poorly chosen third-party tools, and so on. Some of these issues require immediate attention while others can hide to get noticed later. Nonetheless, for a customer-focused Drupal website, no bugs or fixes should ever get ignored.  

Upgrade for effective result  

Drupal 8 and its adoption of continuous innovation, upgrades, and minor versions are released in various cycles to avoid long waiting times for updates and enhanced features. If you still need Drupal 7 support, contact a vendor who provides LTS (Long Term Support) plans. On a positive note, if you want to stay updated and leverage Drupal’s new and powerful features, upgrade to Drupal 9 development services. Staying updated with Drupal’s latest version allows businesses to provide their customers with a compelling and fresh digital experience.   

New opportunities  

Growing and scaling up your business enterprises demands proactiveness and a future-proof solution. To gain an edge over the stiff market competition, you need to stay on top of everything. From frequent content updates to enhanced features, Drupal offers exciting things to its users. So, if you need new features and enhancements to improve your user experience and customer journey, some technical expertise are required.  

Modern Drupal features like content personalization, multilingual support, content moderation, and more work as an added benefit for your business. In the end, user behavior is ever-evolving, which demands business websites to stay fresh, reliable, and align with the trending demands of their users and long-term business goals.  

Focus on business goals  

If you find yourself overwhelmed with all the security updates, fixes, enhancements, and upgrades, do not worry. Focus on your business goals and let the experts handle it their way. Organizations already have a lot on their to-do-list, offloading the Drupal support and maintenance work to a technology partner like us can work wonders. We take care of your website support and maintenance services day in and day out while you focus on your goals. Not to forget to mention the speed, expertise, and efficiency of a team that does it every day.  

Search engine optimization  

Improving your organic reach on search engine platforms and optimizing your SEO rankings is not a one-time affair. Search engine rules and algorithms are evolving at a fast pace with the changing markets and audience demand too. While Drupal offers numerous features and modules that can help in SEO optimization, your website requires ongoing Drupal SEO support to effectively bring out the result. After all, SEO is all about reacting to market trends and keeping yourself authentic and updated.  

Scaling up the game

Your website should grow with your business and for your business. With an organization scaling up, there are different things that can change. With a higher influx of visitors, a need for new features, improved security, third-party integrations, and API updates, Drupal interface improvements continue to go on. When you choose a trusted Drupal development company, it will not just support your website’s growth, but also envision and build a scalable Drupal solution from the start. If you want to become a part of this roadmap a few quarters ahead, connect with our experts today.  


If you’re wondering how your Drupal website can benefit from an evaluation or consistent application maintenance, connect with us today. Drupal support and maintenance is something you need to do on regular basis to ensure everything online is secure and updated. Our Drupal experts are here just to make sure you achieve it smoothly.   

For more queries on Drupal website development, features, support, and maintenance, our professionals are ready to help.   


What is Drupal maintenance?  

Drupal security update support ensures regular security updates, upgrades, and applying patches. A trusted Drupal support team keeps up with the latest security issues released by Drupal’s security advisory to leverage better features and/or to remain compatible in the long run.   

Why Drupal?  

With more than one million users worldwide, Drupal is an open-source CMS platform that every small and large organization can freely use without worrying about vendor lock-in. Also, it offers amazing features like freely-available community code, robust, and flexible architecture ready for enterprises.  

What are the advantages of Drupal?  

Here are the top amazing advantages of Drupal:  

  • It’s open-source, which attracts a large community  
  • It’s an enterprise CMS  
  • Future-proof  
  • Flexible  
  • Handles codes the right way  
  • Make your website look more attractive  
  • It is highly secure  
  • Offers great scalability  

Why is Drupal so popular?  

Drupal is a free and open-source content-management framework that can get tailored and customized to create simple websites and complex web applications.