7 Interesting New Year Gift For Every Type Of Friend In Your Group

new year gift for friends
new year gift for friends

There can be no better time other than new year to show your loved ones and friends how much you love them, care for them and are grateful to them. With the new year drawing closer, we are left with no time to shop for new year gifts for our friends and folks. 

If you are confused about what to buy as a new year gift for friends, then you have landed at the right place. We have composed a long list of new year gifts for every type of friend in your group- So without wasting your time, go ahead and read on. 

The One Who Loves To Read

Gifting books to someone who loves to read is one of the best gift options for them. This is for the bookworm of your group- surprise them with a set of a few books written by their favorite author. You can opt for a 3- 4 month book subscription for them too. 

The One Who Is A Cleanliness Freak

We all have that one person in our group who always carries a hand sanitizer or mini hand wash bottle in their bag. They have the habit of cleaning their desk, their system, and the keyboard and repeatedly use sanitizer too. For someone who is the head of all the cleanliness freaks in your squad. Get a keyboard cleaning device as a new year gift. She will be even more happy after getting this. You can checkout for more cleaning items like- keyboard keys cleaning equipment, or a laptop screen cleaner on online shopping platforms too. 

The One Who Gets Food For All

There must be someone in your group who enjoys both eating and cooking. They even bring lunch for everyone in the group sometimes. They are the center of attention at every potluck in the office. Instead of getting the usual stuff like kitchen wares, opt for an apron and make her feel special. You can also get it personalized by adding her name on the pocket of the apron. Add a gratitude note along with the apron. This can be a perfect new year gift for her on that day. 

The One Who Is The Style Icon 

There is this person in our squad who is updated with all the fashion trends from the airport looks of the celebrities to the brands endorsed by influencers. They dress up as if they are going to a party even when they come to the office. So for the diva or the style icon of your group- get a classy bag or pair of aviators. You can also opt for a good quality shoe or even a branded watch. Irrespective of what you end up selecting for them- do not end up making a hole in your pocket. There are multiple online shopping websites. They offer many options with respect to apparel, classy jewelry, bags, and other important stuff at a reasonable price. You can also go ahead with the authorized store that deals in the respective gift options. 

The One Who Is Strongly Connected To God

This is for the one who is deeply connected to God! and finds a reason to visit religious places everyday. Surprise them with a cute little lord Ganesha idol as a new year’s gift. They can easily place the idol at their office desk. You can even go ahead with personalizing it with their names or initials on the base of the idol. 

The One Who Survives On Coffee

A cup of freshly brewed coffee works wonders for a lot of people. There must be many  people in your squad who come under this category- who actually thrive on coffee. What can be a great new year gift option other than a coffee hamper or a coffee maker. You can take a basket and add different flavors of coffee. Also you can simply go ahead with purchasing a coffee maker. Add a new year card in the coffee hamper too. Even get a cup of coffee whenever you visit them. A coffee hamper is a thoughtful yet accessible new year gift for friends. 

The One Who Is The Laziest 

Gifting a bean bag to that one person who can stretch! even in the smallest spaces can be a great option. Surprise the lazy bug of the team with a brightly colored bean bag. They would be elated to get such a squishy and comfy New Year’s gift from you.