6 factors of how every team building event  is unique

Team building event

Hello, I am Nistha, your Dancing Chef! Having hosted corporate and team building event, I have come up with the following observations which makes each of these events unique in their own ways. Undoubtedly, I have learnt a lot from each of these events.

Group Size

For us, the size of the team is not a hitch! I have managed groups ranging between 5 to 1000 people at a time. Once there was a Diwali special event, and you will be amazed to know the number of guests we invited 28,000 people! I personally enjoy hosting events of such a big number as we gather and celebrate the special days together. Furthermore, it really gives me the feeling of accomplishment. 

Time of the Day

Timing really matters in our online or offline events. Some teams make healthy wholesome lunches with us, some allot their time for dinners, and some are up for only evening cocktails. We have seen people getting up at 5 a.m. to join their team events, and sometimes they are attending straight after meetings. In The Kitty Party, we make plans based on the time of the day to ensure the smooth running of events.

Knowing Each Other

Bonding is the core factor of a team building event. It varies from team to team – some are very actively connected and they dance together, some are too shy to dance, and a few would involve themselves in talking and cooking along with their team members! These unique virtual Team building events Berlin, are made for both corporate clients, and families and friends. People invite their families and they dance and enjoy together. Not only it sets the feel of the event but also shows the connection between the members of the teams or the families.

The Geographical and Cultural Diversity of the Teams

This is one of the reasons for which team events are unique – diversity among the teams! I have hosted many programs where people have joined from different corners of the world. Irrespective of the cultural differences, we enjoy this amalgamation of cooking, drinks and dancing  and celebrate throughout. This not only gives a different outlook to different spices and foods but also takes us closer to the stories behind them.

The Leading trait of Team

Teams have different and strong straits varying from curiosity, energy, health enthusiasm to inclination towards stories, love for food and real closeness to each other. Teams like ‘Capital One’ were so eager to know about spices that they joined our Spice Event multiple times and the Q&A sessions lasted for more than 30 minutes! Amazon and Facebook were quite interactive among themselves. Teams of LinkedIn showed their love and care for each other.

How much Teams can Participate 

We arrange the cooking sessions for everyone – for the ones who want to participate actively and even for the ones who love to be a quiet learner. We have hosted teams making Butter Masala for their lunch, and also teams like Google who managed to prepare Paratha or Whole-wheat Bread due to their time constraints. We set the programs in such a way so that groups can join from their office desks. But all the events are fun and enjoyable in both ways.

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