Who can use Invisalign and what are the benefits of this orthodontic treatment?

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That Invisalign would become so popular was expected by dental experts. These invisible braces are well-liked for their simplest, most pleasant solutions to patient’s orthodontic problems. After all, almost everyone yearns to have their smile without flashing it in front of everyone that they are taking some sort of treatment for the purpose. This is where they adore clear aligners like ceramic brace Fort Worth, TX.

But, for a multitude of reasons, Invisalign may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Consultation with an Invisalign expert or orthodontist near me can assist you in making this decision. Some important questions have been answered below to identify who can use Invisalign.  

How old are you?

For older teens and adults, Invisalign is perfect as a picture. However, children and people in their early adolescence are not always suitable for Invisalign due to immature teeth. But they are popular among older teens and adults.

Braces have been commonly viewed as a concern for facial appearance in the adolescent years so far. But with the see-through texture of these ceramic braces in Fort Worth, TX, things will become easier. One can take pictures, attend an event, and smile out loud without any fear.

However, some adults may experience the same emotions for various reasons. But they don’t feel as self-conscious as teens do.

How dedicated are you to achieving that perfect smile?

How much are you passionate about your smile? Are you ready to meet the conditions of using Invisalign? There are some determining factors that narrow it down to whether an individual is ready for the treatment or not. Taking out your aligners before eating and drinking is a necessary condition to avoid damage to them (except for water).

According to the experts of Invisalign in Fort Worth, TX, except in a few circumstances, you need to wear Invisalign for a minimum of 22 hours per day to get the desired results, except for a few circumstances where it may be a few fewer hours. Many dentists advise patients to use a retainer right after having their first set of braces taken off. The advice is specifically for patients overlooking their post-treatment responsibilities.

It’s worth noting that teeth start to move back to their treatment positions if these essential conditions aren’t followed. In short, if you aren’t committed, Invisalign may not work for you.

Have you taken the Smile Assessment Test?

The Smile Assessment Test is offered by most orthodontists to determine whether Invisalign can help them refine their smile. The assessment will determine if your underlying dental condition is ready for treatment. Once, after acquiring information on the dental issues you wish to address, treatment is given.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that any consultation may only provide you with limited information. The conditions of dental problems come to light only after real-time observation by a qualified expert. To find out if you qualify for the treatment, schedule a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist offering Invisalign treatment in Fort Worth, TX.

The 4 Main Benefits of This Orthodontic Treatment

Safe for Individuals of All Ages: Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Compared to metal braces, Invisalign is risk-free for adults, teens, and kids. While dental problems can arrive at any stage of life, the possible use of teeth straightening is evaluated in youngsters between the ages of 8 and 12. Dental experts may still advise delaying Invisalign until the child is 13 or 14 years old.

Anyone below the mentioned age may or may not be recommended to Invisalign because their teeth aren’t fully mature. This decision, however, may vary from case to case. Besides Invisalign treatment in Fort Worth, TX, other orthodontic treatments can be given to patients.

The Aesthetic Value of Invisible Appearance

The Invisalign tray is almost undetectable until viewed with more focus! Because of this specific feature, your face and smile are unaffected. For someone who is looking for treatment without having to deal with those ugly metal wires that come with conventional braces, this can be a fantastic alternative to go with. It makes the treatment appropriate for adults, teenagers, and young adults.

Comfortable to Wear

Since the Invisalign trays are composed of flexible plastic, they are far more pleasant than conventional metal braces. These invisible aligners are designed specifically to suit your teeth and mouth requirements without causing discomfort. Thanks to the overall design, there are no sharp or protruding edges involved in these braces.

Improved Cleanliness and Dental Hygiene

To carry out your daily cleaning routines, such as washing and flossing, you can take these Invisalign trays out and proceed with oral hygiene. If, after a few months or following a mistake, braces develop discoloration, then replacing them is the only option. Cleaning the trays on your own is also an alternative! Simply take the trays out, and clean them with special cleaners. You don’t need to visit the doctor as frequently as you do with traditional wired braces. But try to wear clean braces to avoid plaque buildup in the teeth.

Final Words

Invisalign isn’t only composed of plastic; it also contains advanced materials that ensure the desired appearance of the teeth and flexibility in the mouth function. So what are you up to? Contact the best orthodontist in Fort Worth, TX, and get more information on it.