Must-have Outfits For College Girls :- Fabriclore


The college phase is the most exciting period in anyone’s life. School life was like a cocoon where your parents used to take care of every single thing. Whereas, college life is stepping into the actual world where you learn to manage everything on your own. But it is also the time when all the fun part is, meeting new friends, wearing new outfits, and having a feeling of being a grown-up. 

Have you ever seen college life in movies?

You must have, it just looks so happening, that college romance! As soon as a girl enters the college every other boy starts falling for her. But it is not just in movies, it happens in reality also. However, for that, you should look like that movie actress. No no, we don’t mean you should become a model but, at least you can dress up in a way to whom everyone looks. Because the first impression that you will make is going to be the same forever. So don’t miss that last chance where you can leave a mark on everyone’s heart, and be in everyone’s talks.

But there is a very big hustle that you have to go through with it because you have to wear different outfits every other day. It is also the time when you can experiment with different styles. Although, wearing comfortable clothing is everyone’s priority, but everyday wearing jeans and a top can make you feel bored as well as dull. 

So especially for you, we have listed some of the college looks!

Casual Look

For winter, you can have baggy jeans with a loose t-shirt, and a sweater or a hoodie. And with this pair of sneakers and a backpack, now you are all set for a comfy look. Whereas, for summer, you can go for a pair of shorts with a boyfriend t-shirt and with those sneakers and a backpack.         

Go Over Dressy

If you like getting dressed with a feminine touch, or in other words what we say, wanna-be girl. For this look, you can opt for wearing outfits, but as winters are here you can just layer yourself with a pair of denim or leather jacket. And with this, you can have a sling bag and wear sneakers or flats. 

Have that Chic Look

Stay classy by dressing up elegantly, to have this look you can wear co-ord sets. Or you can pick yourself a matching top and bottom to have a monochrome look. Furthermore, to complete the look, go for slip-on sandals or heels with matching or contrasting colors. 

Traditional Look

Who said that you won’t look good if you wore a kurta in college? 

Take back your memory to those earlier 80s movies, where whenever a girl entered she was dressed in a kurta. So don’t you wanna make it a reality, it is said that a man falls fast for a girl who is dressed traditionally. Complete your look with a set of matching kurta with palazzo or leggings. Or even you can wear a contrasting colors kurta set, and with that, traditional footwear will look the best. In addition, wear small earrings, and remember not to go over accessorized. 

Skeptical about where to have these looks from?

Sometimes there can be various prints that we like but are not able to find clothing made out of them. But for every problem, there is always a solution, create your outfits. Yes, why not?

You too can craft your attires, t is not necessary that you have to be a fashion designer, without it also you can. All you need to know is about fabrics, designs, and patterns. For that, we have a place for you, Fabriclore, where you can design and customize your outfits. For several years it serving the textile industry with certified fabrics that are also sustainable and durable. 

Moreover, there is no limit from wholesale fabric to retail at a very reasonable cost, you can have everything in hand. Furthermore, fabrics such as denim, tweed, poplin, silk, cotton, polyester, rayon, viscose, organza, and many more with 10,000 plus varied patterns are available. 

But you don,t have to worry about the distance because our delivery services along with India are also available in the USA, UK, and Canada. So get your fabric customized for business purposes or even for personal use.